Comic Book Noise 478: Scott Pilgrim, Convergence, Daredevil, and Interview Podcasts

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about Scott Pilgrim, Convergence, the Daredevil TV show, and gives his feelings about listening to interviews.

Comic Book Noise 477: Too Many Super-Hero TV Shows?

Host Derek Coward theorizes on why some outlets are trying to convince us there are too many TV shows and movies focusing on superheroes.

Comic Book Noise 476: Thor, Howard The Duck, and Cloak and Dagger

Host Derek Coward talks about his latest comic book reading, including Thor, Howard The Duck, and Cloak and Dagger.

Comic Book Noise 475: TV Shows, Anniversaries, and an Overabundance of Apathy

Host Derek Coward talks about recent television shows he watched, podcast Anniversaries, and a very brief history of DC television shows.

Comic Book Noise 474: It’s Pronounced Battick

Host Derek Coward makes a correction, talks about the new Arrowverse TV show, and asks for podcast recommendations.

Comic Book Noise 473: Funky Winkerbean

Host Derek Coward talks about Funky Winkerbean and other comic strips.

Comic Book Noise 472: My Favorite X-men Storyline

Host Derek Coward briefly talks about his favorite X-men storyline.

Let It Fly 13 – Comics!

Host Aaron Macom talks comics. Jem, Revenger, Dayglow, Doc Frankenstein, Exterminate and The Flash 193.

Comic Book Noise 471: Favorite Stories (at least for now)

Host Derek Coward talks about his favorite Justice League, Avengers, Legion of Super-Heroes, Teen Titans, the Defenders, Fantastic Four, and Justice Society stories.