Comic Book Noise 404: Avengers Academy and Membership Drives

Host Derek Coward talks more about his reading of the Avengers Academy series, gets tripped up on describing some of the plot, talks about Rom Spaceknight, mentions how some membership drives don’t mean a lot in the long run, and talks about El Diablo.

Comic Book Noise 403: Arrow/Flash, Avengers Academy, X-23, and Wolverine

Host Derek Coward talks about the concluding night of the TV crossover of Arrow and The Flash, a few issues of Avengers Academy, makes a music recommendation, talks about X-23,Wolverine and his lack of origin story, before talking a bit about origin stories themselves.

Comic Book Noise 402: Suicide Squad movie update and a good night of TV watching

Host Derek Coward talks about the casting news of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, tries to not call some comic book fans bigots, and talks about how much he enjoyed the latest episodes of The Flash and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

Comic Book Noise 401: Avengers Academy and Fear Itself

Host Derek Coward talks about the Fear Itself crossover issues of Avengers Academy and how they make him want to go back and read the main series.

Comic Book Noise 400: Geek Syndicate and Constantine

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about his friends at the Geek Syndicate podcast, as well as the end of production for the television show Constantine.

Comic Book Noise 399: Black Panther Movies

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about how to proceed with the Black Panther movies, and the shortsightedness of certain comic book fans.

Comic Book Noise 398: Comic Book TV Shows for the week ending 11/20/2014

Host Derek Coward ranks the comic book related TV shows he has watched for the past week.

Comic Book Noise 397: The Death of Archie

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the last volume of Archie The Married Life, The Death of Archie.

Comic Book Noise 396: Team Up Books

Host Derek Coward talks about team up books while he gets some coffee.

Comic Book Noise 395: World’s Finest, Stumptown, and Cold Weather

Host Derek Coward returns to complain about the extremely cold weather that he doesn’t move away from, an unwelcomed change to World’s Finest,and some jumbled thoughts that have something to do with Stumptown.