Comic Book Noise No. 29 is now online

This show features a look at comic books for children, as well as a Top Five List of my favorite child characters. 17 minutes.

Here is the direct download link for the podcast: Download Link

Special appearance by Mikel OD from Most People Are DJs

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Comic Book Noise No. 28 is now online

Mailbag episode featuring listener reviews, my obsession with Batman and multiple identities, Kingdom Come vs Watchmen comments, and a new comic book reader gives me an idea for a new show segment. 55 minutes (my longest podcast EVER)

I’m sorry about the length of the show and the size of the files. Here are the direct downloads:
Comic Book Noise No. 28 – 35 MB
CBN 28 encoded at a lower bitrate. 18 MB

Here are some of the links mentioned in the show:
Eric’s Ugandan Gallery
Priest’s first essay about Xero. There is also a link called Trent and Sabrina that leads to a bunch of images. If you ever wondered how blacks should really be colored instead of what Priest calls “Power Man milk chocolate brown” then take a look. You’ll see why the generic “comic book black” really ticks me off.

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Comic Book Noise No. 27 is now online

featuring a discussion on Kingdom Come vs Watchmen, a MIA comic book, quick reviews of four TPB and my theory on why more kids aren’t choosing comic book collecting as a hobby. 17 minutes. Here are two direct download links:
Comic Book Noise 27
A version for dialup listeners

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Where’s the show?

I know some of you may be asking that. There will be a new show by the end of the week. In fact, probably more than one. I want to continue the shows about the superhero/comic book movies, but I am waiting for a couple of movies to come in from Netflix before I finalize the lists.

In the meantime I have been thinking about the next few Top Five lists that I am going to do and I want to include the audience. After the movie shows, my next three Top Five lists are going to be:

1) Favorite Superman imitation-in almost every universe, there is a copy of Superman, examples include Supreme from Image, Hyperion from Squadron Supreme Power, Samaritan from Astro City and Public Spirit from Marshal Law.

2) Favorite Batman imitation-Where there’s a Superman there’s a Batman. Like The Prowler, Midnighter, Sentry, etc.

3) Favorite speedsters-The Flashes, The Quicks, The Whizzers… You get the idea.

Let me know what your favorites are and in end, I’ll tally up the votes and see if everyone’s favorite matches mine.

Thanks and keep an eye out for new shows later this week.

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Interesting article on Spider-Man’s costume

This is a pretty interesting commentary on Spider-Man’s upcoming costume change. The article contains a few spoilers about the ongoing ‘The Other’ storyline which will be winding up pretty soon as well as information about the Marvel’s Civil War event (which I admit I’m looking forward to). There are no pictures and while he mentions Spider-Man’s costume changes, he doesn’t mention Iron Man’s MANY new armors even though IM is mentioned in the article. He also takes a little bit of a hot at Marvel at the very end, but it isn’t anything that people haven’t been saying for the past couple of years.

After all that buildup, Here’s the link: Marvel’s new Spidey suit sure to fall flat with fans

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Comic Book Noise No. 26 is now online

This episode features me reading and discussing several notes that I sent to my home account while I was at work. 8 minutes
Here is the direct download: Download Here

I will probably start doing shows like this where I respond to listener email. The reason I don’t do it now is because I have a tendency to automatically respond as soon as I get email or a comment on the site. (Yeah, I know, that’s pathetic. However when you can count your comic book reading friends on one hand and still have most of your fingers left over, you can get pretty desperate for feedback)

I’m also going to start encoding the show at 48 instead of 32 because sometimes the sound quality of the show is Ray 13-ish and I don’t want that.

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Comic Book Noise No. 24 is now online

This episode features the selection of the contest winner for the Fallen Angel trade. Thanks to everyone who entered. I also answer the question “Hey, what are the five things you’d do if you were a superhero?” with a top five list of Things I Would Do If I Were A Super-Hero.” 13 minutes.

Here is the direct link for the podcast: Download Link

Me As Ultimate Nick Fury sitting on a couch

Here is the PDF that Erik submitted:
You will need Adobe Acrobat in order to view this file.

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What is going on in Podcast Land?

As I woke up this morning I got a bit of bad news. On the heels of the Tartan Podcast scaling back and a high profile comics podcaster saying that he may be ending his show soon (He hasn’t announced it, so I’m not saying), I just received a message that Ryan and Jen are ending the “Lost: The Transmission” podcast, which had recently become one of my favorites.

At the beginning of the year, I told a friend that I thought that 2006 was the year that we saw our first lawsuits as the result of podcasting. Whether it will be someone who felt as though they were libelled or one of the many music shows playing RIAA music finally getting spanked, I’m not sure. Actually it seems as if this will be the make or break year for some and I think we will see a lot more familiar names dropping out for a variety of reasons.

Hell, unless I find myself on the receiving end of a lawsuit, I plan on doing this for quite a while.

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