Commission: Spider-Man 08.18.11

So, for this commission of everyone’s favorite web-slinger, I was told to do Spider-Man in his classic red & blue costume (I even got permission to do the armpit webs!) swinging with his costume not quite fully on and talking to his boss on the phone. So, since Spidey already wears his costume under his clothes, aside from his mask & gloves, this is what I came up with. I honestly think this may be one of my best commissions to date, and it was a lot of fun to do. Oh, and for those keeping score at home, this was done on 11×14 bristol board & inked with Staedtler pens & a Sharpie.

Commission: Cincinnati Rat Riders 07.14.11

This commission was done for another one of my cousins for the custom/vintage bicycle club he is in, the Cincinnati Rat Riders. He basically asked for Ed Roth’s Rat Fink character atop a high wheel bicycle with ape hanger handlebars, whitewall tires, and some hot rod flare. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I was able to find out what all those things meant, and that’s what he got in all its 11 x 14 splendor. I was quite proud of this one because I think I nailed it, and that’s rare for me to think.

Commission: Statler & Waldorf 06.19.11

Hooray, more Muppets! This little number was done on glorious 11 x 14 bristol board. I loved the extra space to work, and it really made the image pop. I went through several ideas on how to approach the Muppets’ two harshesst (&oldest) critics. but this was what I landed upon. It was a good excuse to draw the little tomato from the Swedish Chef skits (a very Muppety thing to do also). Like I’ve said, let me draw some Muppet comic books! (or even just more commissions!)

(Note: the slight break on the crate/label was done from poorly trying to piece two separate scans together. The original image looks much better, promise.)

Commission: Gangster 05.28.11

This commission was a first for me in that it isn’t an established character like my others. I was just told to draw a big (but not fat) gangster with a cigar, tommy gun & case full of money. So I was basically responsible for coming up with the look of the character, and this is what I came up with. The one thing I ended up liking about this little exercise is that a lot of “me” (meaning my art style) shines through.

Commission: Sgt. Rock 05.25.11

I have to admit: I wasn’t particularly excited about doing this commission (never read the character- military comics are not my thing), but I am excited about the results. I sweated the details & inking the entire time.

Commission: Deadpool & Ambush Bug 05.20.11

This commission was both fun & scary. Fun because the two 4th wall-breaking characters are inherently fun and comical characters, and scary because it was the first commission a family member has hired me for (in this case, my cousin). Also a little scary was the fact that I had only read one comic book with Ambush Bug in it in my entire life.

My original idea for some reason was to have the two characters trading costumes, but then I found Ambush Bug doesn’t really have a costume (at least one that is obvious). However, that idea was also to have Ambush Bug brandishing a large, Liefeld-esque gun, and that is one element I kept for this piece.¬† I will say I am happy with the way it turned out regardless and the fun I had drawing it shows through.

Hire for Heroes (Con)

My annual trip to Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC is coming up in June, and since I am in need of some spending money while I am making my way through cosplayers and bootleg DVD sales booths, I want to once again draw attention to the commissions tab in the upper right corner of the blog here.

As an added incentive, I am now taking $5 off any commissions for Muppet characters (including “Muppet Show”, “Sesame Street” and “Fraggle Rock”). Also I will do commissions of any of the characters from the webcomic that I co-write, Stale Popcorn, for $10 off.

If you are going to Heroes Con, I can deliver the artwork to you personally, otherwise I will ship it as described in the commission details.

I already have 2 commissions that I am working on currently, but I hope to get about 5 or 6 more, so get your request to me pronto & I will do my best to do you proud!

***ADDITIONALLY*** I will be selling some of the pieces you can find here on my blog, including the pieces I have done for the Comic Art Alliance, #MRVLCATS, and more. So keep your eyes peeled for another post with a list of descriptions and prices!

Doctor Teeth 04.27.11

This was my second attempt at drawing more Muppets. Dr. Teeth was a lot of fun to do because of all the details. And again, I’m quite proud of this one. Did I mention I think I should be drawing Muppets for a living? Unlike my Floyd drawing, the notes here are random, but you can pretend he’s singing “Can You Picture That?”

“Rescued” 4.16.11

So for those who don’t know, I work at a large church where I coordinate volunteers who take care of greeting families and their children from infants all the way up to 5th grade. Normally, my responsibilities include coordinating schedules, maintaining our check-in system, welcoming new guests, and many other duties.

During my time at the church, I’ve had a couple of opportunities to step outside of my job description and do some art. The first time, I painted animals inside each of the nursery rooms. The second time was recently where I created a coloring/activity book to give all the kids at our church’s 25th anniversary celebration. The third¬† and most recent time was this comic book, Rescued!

I was asked by our assistant elementary director about doing a comic for all the elementary kids to be given out Easter weekend, which I quickly accepted. Then I realized I had 1 1/2 weeks to complete it. The script was provided for me, and the idea was that all the kids would be able to put themselves into the comic book and also color it. So what you see is the finished product, which I actually completed from concept to finish in 6 days. Due to time constraints, I had to rush a little. All the inking was done in Photoshop which is why a few panels are a little rough (if you didn’t notice, pretend like I didn’t say anything), and because they kids were going to color it, I couldn’t use as much black for shadows as I normally would have in this situation.

All that said, this is one of the projects I am most proud of so far. The fact that it was my first stab at sequential storytelling. The fact that so many kids were going to get a copy on such an important day. The fact that I completed it in such little time. And the fact that the story is so important to me.

Floyd Pepper 04.08.11

So I decided that I should be drawing Muppets for a living some day. After all, I am a huge fan of everything Muppet Show-related and have a pretty extensive knowledge of all the characters. So, for practice, I decided to give Floyd Pepper of the Electric Mayhem a try. I still think I should be drawing Muppets for a living some day. I really like this one. Oh- and for those who aren’t musically inclined, the music he’s playing is the “Muppet Show” theme song.