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Comic Book Noise 181: Do Something

This show contains a long, preachy ramble with very little comic book talk while host Derek Coward is driving. Names are dropped and feelings might be hurt, but the intention of the episode is pure and started from a good place.

And just when you think it is done, Derek comes back with a short discussion about the end of Wednesday Comics as well as what he picked up this week.

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Comic Book Noise 176: Single Host Podcasts and iFanboy Membership

Host Derek Coward talks about his preferred style of comic book podcasting, the so called controversy surrounding the iFanboy podcast and why he will never appear on a roundtable comic book podcast again.

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Comic Book Podcast Show – 5/3/2009 to 5/9/2009

Host Derek Coward features clips from:

The Dish
Comic News Insider
Wrapped In Plastic
11 O’Clock Comics
Geektress Podcast
iFanboy.com Pick Of The Week
DC Noise

Thanks to Ed Moore and Ian Levenstein for their help with the Comic Book Podcast Wiki.
Theme Song – Baby, You Have No Eyes by The Kazoo Funk Orchestra.

Download Here

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Comic Book Podcast Show – 2/15/2009 to 2/21/2009

Host Derek Coward features clips from
Just Another Fanboy
Indie Spinner Rack
Birds of Geek
It Came Out On A Wednesday
Comic Geek Speak
11 O’Clock Comics
How I Got My Wife To Read Comics.

Thanks to Ed Moore and Ian Levenstein for their help with the Comic Book Podcast Wiki
Theme Song – Baby, You Have No Eyes by The Kazoo Funk Orchestra.

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Comic Book Noise 158: What I Am

Host Derek Coward clearly defines what he is and how that sets him apart from other comics readers and other people with comic book shows. If you listen really closely, there is also a review of the Family Matter graphic by Will Eisner.

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Comic Book Noise 155: The Best of 2008, Part Two

Host Derek Coward finishes his look at the best of 2008 by talking about the titles that he has heard good things about but has never checked out yet, best miniseries that didn’t finish in 2008, best #1 comics of 2008 and the best graphic novels.

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* Rasl Volume 1: The Drift
The Boy Who Made Silence
* House of Mystery
* Young Liars
* Captain Britain and MI:13
* Tangent: Superman’s Reign
The Infinite Horizon
Stephen King’s The Stand: Captain Trips
* The Twelve
* Love and Rockets: New Stories #1
* Madame Xanadu #1
Comic Book Comics
* Locke & Key
* Man With No Name
* Queen and Country Definitive Edition
* Noble Causes Archives
* The Walking Dead, Vol. 8: Made to Suffer
* Hellblazer: The Laughing Magician

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This week’s schedule will be filled with holes

There might be shows this week, but I’m not sure what they will be. I am positive that there will not be a new Indie Comic Book Noise, Marvel Noise, Geek Brunch, DC Noise, Comics Playground, Rocky Mountain Comic Book Noise, Welcome to Heavenside, Mage: The Hero Discussed, PPRD or The Fury of Iron Fist.

I’m not sure about Comic Book Noise, Burning Trash, The Shade’s Journal, The Number One Comic Book Show or Comic Book Noise Talks, but I am leaning towards probably not.

I was going to do a mad rush of podcasts like I seem to do every end of the year, but since I have already reached Episode 150, I have nothing to shoot for. I think it would be impossible for even me to do 48 episodes in three days.

So use this time to catch up on older shows, check out our cousins The Trip, Eye Of The Storm or Teenage Wasteland or check out Friends of the Family like Collected Comics Library, Komicskast, Comic Book Attic, Comic Book Savant, 11 O Clock Comics, Comic Geek Speak, Raging Bullets, Geek Syndicate, Comics Addiction, THOOM, Comic Book Road Show, DaFixer’s Hideout, Podcast X, Comic Timing or The Pop Cult Online. I’m pretty sure that they make podcasts that don’t deal with comic books but I’m not sure.

Most of all, sit back and relax. We’ll be back to a regular schedule pretty soon.

UPDATE: The Shade’s Journal will definitely be posted on Monday.

UPDATE 2: According to host Eric Martin, DC Noise will definitely be posted on Friday.

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Comic Book Noise 137: State of The Podcast Address

I started out talking about why I had to quit buying comic books and I end up giving a State of The Podcast Address.

Download Here

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Marvel Noise Episode 48

We’re back? We’re back! Sort of…  Our host makes a brief cameo before handing it over to Pat, Mike, and Steve (with the new releases and current events, the Mighty Marvel Movie Minute, and Tales From the Comic Book Bunker, respectively) and sprinkled throughout are voicemails from Carlos!

Titles mentioned include X-Men: First Class, Captain Britain and MI:13, Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men: Legacy, Mighty Avengers, and Secret Invasion.

Get it here.
Discuss this episode on the forum.

Modern Science, Desperately (http://www.myspace.com/themodernscience)
11 O’Clock Comics Episode 21 (http://bullpenbulletinspodcast.com/2008/09/11-oclock-comics-episode-21/)
Comic Book Noise Episode 136 (http://www.comicbooknoise.com/?p=1981)

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Marvel items on sale, 9.17.08

Age Of The Sentry #1 Incentive Dave Bullock Variant Cover – [PI]
Age Of The Sentry #1 Regular Dave Bullock Cover $2.99
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #572 Regular John Romita Jr Cover $2.99
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #572 Variant David Finch Bullseye Cover $2.99
Captain America Death Of Captain America Vol 2 Burden Of Dreams TP $14.99
Captain Britain And MI 13 #5 Incentive Monkey Variant Cover – [PI]
Captain Britain And MI 13 #5 Regular Bryan Hitch Cover $2.99
Essential Iron Man Vol 1 TP All-New Edition $16.99
Essential Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Master Edition Vol 3 TP $16.99
Foolkiller White Angels #3 $3.99
Gene Colan Tribute Book Cover A Iron Man $9.99
Gene Colan Tribute Book Cover B Dracula $9.99
Gene Colan Tribute Book Cover C Marvel Monsters $9.99
Ghost Rider Vol 5 #27 $2.99
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 #5 Incentive Monkey Variant Cover (Secret Invasion Tie-In) – [PI]
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 #5 Regular Clint Langley Cover (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Incredible Hercules #121 Incentive Monkey Variant Cover – [PI]
Incredible Hercules #121 Regular Arthur Suydam Cover $2.99
Incredible Hercules Against The World TP $14.99
Iron Man Director Of SHIELD #33 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Marvel Adventures Avengers #28 $2.99
Marvel Adventures Two-In-One #15 $4.99
Marvel Apes #2 Incentive Phil Jimenez Variant Cover – [PI]
Marvel Apes #2 Regular John Watson Cover $3.99
Mighty Avengers #18 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four Vol 11 HC Regular Dust Jacket $54.99
Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four Vol 11 HC Variant Dust Jacket $54.99
Moon Knight Vol 5 #22 $2.99
Power Pack Day One TP Digest $7.99
Punisher MAX #62 $2.99
Raymond E Feists Magician Apprentice Vol 2 TP $15.99
Secret Invasion #6 Incentive Frank Cho Variant Cover – [PI]
Secret Invasion #6 Incentive Leinil Francis Yu Sketch Variant Cover – [PI]
Secret Invasion #6 Incentive Leinil Francis Yu Variant Cover – [PI]
Secret Invasion Thor #2 $2.99
Spider-Man Brand New Day Vol 3 HC $19.99
Skrulls vs Power Pack #3 $2.99
Squadron Supreme Vol 3 #3 Incentive Monkey Variant Cover – [PI]
Squadron Supreme Vol 3 #3 Regular Greg Land Cover $2.99
True Believers #3 $2.99
Uncanny X-Men #502 (X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In) $2.99
X-Factor Vol 3 #35 Incentive Monkey Variant Cover – [PI]
X-Factor Vol 3 #35 Regular Boo Cook Cover $2.99
X-Men First Class Vol 2 #16 $2.99
Young X-Men #6 Incentive Monkey Variant Cover (X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In) – [PI]
Young X-Men #6 Regular Terry Dodson Cover (X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In) $2.99

Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine Iron Man Movie Guide Special $22.00

Product Updates:

  • Captain Britain and MI 13 #5 (JUL082274D, $2.99; FOC 08/28/08) will have art by Pat Olliffe, not Leonard Kirk.
  • Marvel Adventures Two-in-One #15 (JUL082296D, $4.99) will contain stories from Marvel Adventures: Hulk #5, not Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #33. The book will still contain material from Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #41.
  • Mighty Avengers #18 (SI) (JUL082308D, $2.99; FOC 08/28/08) will have art by Stephano Caselli, not Khoi Pham.
  • Young X-Men #6 (MD) (JUL082351D, $2.99; FOC 8/28/08) will have art by Ben Oliver, not Yanick Paquette.
  • Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #28 (JUL082291D, $2.99; FOC 8/28/08) & #29 (AUG082359D, $2.99; FOC 09/25/08) will exchange contents. Corrected solicitation information for each follows:
    Written by Jeff Parker & Paul Tobin; penciled by Ig Guara & Mateo Lolli;cover by Sean Murphy & Guru eFX
    It’s just a cat, right? I mean, the Avengers should be able to rescue a cat from a tree, right? Unfortunately, when both cat and tree are in an overlapping universe, giving them a very ghostly, and very intangible presence, that does make it a puzzler. And it’s doubly hard for the Avengers when their efforts attract a deadly interdimensional monster! Plus, the somewhat scintillating menace of…Hammerhead!
    32 PGS./All Ages $2.99

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