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Comic Book Noise 281: Action Comics #0

Host Derek Coward talks about Action Comics #0 and the superhero work of Grant Morrison.

cover to Action Comics #0
Action Comics #0

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Comic Book Noise 257: New DC 52 Week One

Host Derek Coward takes a look at the comic books he bought during the first week of DC’s New 52: the number ones issues of Action Comics, Animal Man, Batgirl, Batwing, Hawk and Dove, Men Of War,O.M.A.C. and Stormwatch.

Batgirl 1

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Comic Book Noise 217: Stuff From The Dollar Bin

Host Derek Coward talks about his latest trip to the LCS and some of the things he got from the dollar bin.

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DC Noise 64: Top 5 War, Western and/or Fantasy Characters

In this episode Mike and Eric go over the Top 5 War, Western and/or Fantasy Characters, audio clips from Scott HydeandGeek West and Savage Chuck. Mike tries to breathe in water like Aquaman and we cover the following:

World’s Finest #1
Superman Origins #2
Superman #693
Action Comics 883
Doom Patrol #4
R.E.B.E.L.S. #10
Booster Gold #26
Green Lantern Corps #42

From comicbookdb.com

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DC Noise Episode 60: Halloween Episode (But Not Really)

It’s the Halloween episode of DC noise. Although not really because Eric and Mike did not plan ahead and so we don’t have a Halloween themed episode at all. But that’s a nice change of pace after all those other podcasts had Halloween episodes, right? Anyway, before we get into the show we have a voice message from our friend Chuck Loridans. He gives us some very compelling reasons why we should all love Elastigirl of the Doom Patrol. Giant, hot girl in a miniskirt? What’s not to love?

Our regular discussion of comics this week includes Gotham City Sirens #4, Batman #691, Superman Secret Origins #1, Action Comics #882, Last Days of Animal Man #5, Justice Society of America #31 and Power Girl #5.

We also go on an off topic tangent about horror movies there toward the end. It is Halloween after all. But our friend Micah saved you all with a couple of on topic voicemails about the Blackest Night tie-ins and Justice League: Cry for Justice, which seems to have gotten us back on track. So we wrap things up with a little discussion of North 40.


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DC Noise Episode 56: Top Five Bromances

Mike and Eric open the show with top 5 lists of “bromances” (man, I hate that word) in DC Comics. We then move on to some quick miscellaneous comics talk including Wonder Woman and Green Arrow/Black Canary. Our full reviews/annotations are for —

Batman: The Widening Gyre #1 – 00:12:29 to 00:24:03
Justice Society of America #30 – 00:24:03 to 00:34:52
Supergirl Annual #1 – 00:34:52 to 00:44:59
Action Comics #881 – 00:44:59 to 00:52:34

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DC Noise Episode 54 – Top Five Favorite DC Artists

Mike and Eric open the show with the top 5 lists of favorite current DC Comics artists and then move into the comics discussion.

Superman/Batman 63 (00:11:36 to 00:15:25)
Superman Annual 14 (00:15:25 to 00:18:53)
Superman: World of New Krypton 6 (00:18:53 to 00:21:41)
Action Comics 880 (00:21:41 to 00:26:18)
Supergirl 44 (00:26:18 to 00:31:43)
Superman 691 (00:31:43 to 00:35:29)
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen Special 2 (00:35:29 to 00:40:15)
A quick roundup of Gotham City Sirens 3, Batman: Streets of Gotham 3, Red Robin 3, Outsiders 21 and Batgirl 1 (00:40:15 to 00:47:36)
Batman and Robin 3 (00:47:36 to 00:51:43)
Detective Comics 856 (00:51:43 to 00:57:16)
Blackest Night Titans 1 (00:57:16 to 01:04:08)
Blackest Night Superman 1 (01:04:08 to 01:09:29)
Green Lantern 45 (01:09:29 to 01:15:48)

And finally, we close the show with discussion of Action Comics 429 (1973) and Wednesday Comics.

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DC Noise Episode 50: The Big Five-Oh (Or Four-Seven)

50 episodes! Hooray! Oh wait, it’s not 50 for Eric and Mike because we didn’t do the first 3. But we have a slightly longer than usual episode full of comics talk. First we have a look through the August 2009 Previews for DC Comics items shipping in October. And then it’s on to our usual comic talk. This week the lineup is:

Batman: Streets of Gotham #2 – 00:42:06 to 00:50:34
Detective Comics #855 – 00:50:34 to 00:57:16
Red Robin #2 – 00:57:16 to 01:00:41
Batman and Robin #2 – 01:00:41 to 01:05:24
Outsiders #20 – 01:05:24 to 01:07:26
Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds

Used under a Creative Commons license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/deed.en
Used under a Creative Commons license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/deed.en

#5 – 01:07:26 to 01:17:24
Action Comics #879 – 01:17:24 to 01:24:56
Supergirl #34 – 01:24:56 to 01:29:19
Superman #690 – 01:29:19 to 01:38:26

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DC Noise Episode 46: Top Five Jack Kirby Creations

This week Mike and Eric start the show with lists from listeners and
ourselves for Top 5 Jack Kirby creations for DC, and then jump into
some comics discussion with spoilers:

Batman 687 – 00:14:38 to 00:18:34
Batman and Robin 1 – 00:18:34 to 00:25:13
Red Robin 1 – 00:25:13 to 00:28:31
Detective Comics 854 – 00:28:31 to 00:36:40
Green Lantern Corps 37 – 00:37:07 to 00:46:10
Green Lantern 42 – 00:46:10 to 00:51:03
World of New Krypton 4 – 00:51:03 to 00:57:07
Action Comics 878 – 00:57:07 to 01:03:19
Supergirl 42 – 01:03:19 to 01:06:55
Action Comics Annual 12 – 01:06:55 to 01:10:36

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