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DC Noise Episode 32: Legion of Three Worlds and The Brave and The Bold

Our topics for this episode are:

Trinity 37 – 00:01:16 to 00:09:07
Trinity 38 – 00:09:07 to 00:14:50
Trinity 39 – 00:14:50 to 00:20:49
Supergirl #38 – 00:20:49 to 00:28:58
Superman #685 – 00:28:58 to 00:34:28
Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #3 – 00:34:28 to 00:46:26
Jonah Hex #40 – 00:46:26 to 00:51:17

We wrap up with some action figure and Batman: The Brave and the Bold discussion.

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Comics Playground 20 – Grand Re-Opening!

The guys are back from their long hiatus with a whole new format for Comics Playground! Topics discussed include Mouse Guard, Batman: Brave and the Bold (the cartoon and the comic), Space Raoul, the upcoming G.I. Joe movie, DC Universe figures, Hulk Vs. and much, much more all ages goodness

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DC Noise Episode 28: Faces of Evil and Trinity

Mike and Eric give a rundown with full spoilers on the following:

Face of Evil: Solomon Grundy – 00:01:35 to 00:08:48
Face of Evil: Prometheus – 00:08:48 to 00:19:29
Trinity 31 – 00:19:29 to 00:28:01
Trinity 32 – 00:28:01 to 00:34:33
Trinity 33 – 00:34:33 to 00:41:28

We close the show with brief thoughts about Vertigo’s The Haunted Tank, Camelot 3000 Deluxe hardcover, Vertigo’s House of Mystery vol. 1 trade and some action figure discussion.

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DC Noise Episode 13: Secret Six 1

This week, Mike and Eric start the show off chatting about some of their recent reads. Mild spoilers are given. Eric has another small rant about action figures and we briefly discuss the Mid Ohio Con, which Eric will be attending the weekend of October 4th.

Our full spoiler reviews this episode are:

Trinity #15 from 18:27 to 31:49
Secret Six #1 from 31:52 to 47:43

Download Here

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Indie Comic Book Noise 213: Angie Loves Happy Meal Toys

No Bruce this episode, but there is a special promo from Bill Jourdain of the ‘The Golden Age Of Comic Books Podcast’ podcast. Then Angie and I talk about Patti’s accident, Advice for dog owners, Angie’s wi-fi woes, hate for Slingbox, Mail from Chris Partin, Unemployment sucks, Musical interlude, Angie loves Happy Meal Toys, Post recording plans, Actions figures, Love for Samuel L. Jackson, Angie’s work week, “Believe or not, I can be an asshole.”, How to stop the “Why do you spend so much on comics?” conversation, The Book Says, Karma covered apples?, I’m NOT now nor have I ever been a teddy bear, stupid dog, cocktail recommendation, maltliquortastesbetter.blogspot.com, webcomics recommendations, The Odd Squad, Comic Book blog recommendation and Yell Fire.

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DC Noise Episode 11: September 2008 Previews

Mike and Eric begin the show with a look at the September 2008 Previews catalog, which leads into some ranting on action figures and their availability or lack thereof at retail stores. Starting at 54:05, Eric talks about some of his recent reads of the Doom Patrol trades volumes 4 and 5 written by Grant Morrison. Spoilers for Doom Patrol #45 titled “The Beard Hunter”. We also talk about The Exterminators volumes 1 and 2 with some mild spoilers.

For our regular review features, the guys cover:
Final Crisis Superman Beyond 3-D #1 from 01:01:35 to 01:14:28
Trinity #13 from 01:14:31 to 01:27:56
Trinity #14 from 01:27:58 to 01:36:34

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