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Comic Book Noise 322: Captain Britain and MI-13

Host Derek Coward talks about Captain Britain and MI-13. He gets a little slap happy from hunger and lack of sleep. Just roll with it.

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Comic Book Noise Episode 317: Thor Everything Burns

Host Derek Coward talks about his history with The Mighty Thor and the trade Everything Burns.

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Comic Book Noise 177: Marvel’s Marvelman

Host Derek Coward goes over a brief history of the Miracleman mess, discusses what he thinks Marvel should do with the character and tells Marvel in no uncertain terms what they can do to get his money.

Note: Despite what I said in the episode, it was Marv Wolfman who wrote Total Eclipse, not Chuck Dixon. And a bunch of people wrote Miracleman:Apocrypha including Kurt Busiek, Sarah E. Byam, Dick Foreman, Neil Gaiman, Steven Grant, Steve Moore, Stefan Petrucha, James Dale Robinson, Fred Schiller and the great Matt Wagner. Also the series went 24 issues, not 22, and the last issue came out in 1993.


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