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Comic Book Noise 348: At The Speed of 27 Issues An Hour

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about a whole lot of comic books, including Bloodhound Crowbar Medicine, Doc Savage, Rocket Girl, Legenderry, Aquaman, Earth 2, Wonder Woman, Justice League 3000, World’s Finest, Aquaman and The Others, Justice League United, Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Skyward, Midnight Tiger, Rocket Raccoon, Buck Rogers, Avengers World, All New X-Men, All New Invaders, and a bunch of other stuff in between all that.

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DeWayne Feenstra

kitty and jean
I guess I was wrong about Jean Grey and Kitty Pryde. They do have a history.

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Geek Brunch 105 – Mike’s Intervention plus how to shop for a mattress

Mike, Micah and Bill kick off the episode by discussing Lemonade, Australia, The Gods Must Be Crazy, and the Amazon Diamond Glitch. We then discuss Kookaburra K, Jericho, Punisher, Legends of the Enchanted, SciFi Illustrated, Subculture, Batman & Robin, Cinderella, Super Friends, Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers, Milestone Forever, Justice League Rise and Fall, Fantastic Four (McDuffie run), Amazing Spider-man, Waid love, Irredeemible, Incorruptable, The Unknown, Palmiotti and Grey love, Power Girl, Kick Ass, The Ghoul, White Picket Fences, U.T.F., Super Human Resources, Hearsay and the Unwritten. We jump into movies with Walled In, The King and I, Julie and Julia, Cop Out, The Hangover, Whip it, and Comedians of Comedy. The TV discussion lncludes Legend of the Seeker, Human Target, Community and Modern Family. Food talk, mattresses, furniture, and then the intervention begins.

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The Marvel Bronze Age Episode 15 – Phantasmagorgasm

Thank you one and all for hangin with us the past several week both personal and technical issues have prevented us from bring you your weekly bronze age goodness. We now resume your regularly scheduled program.

Time Stamp hh:mm:ss

00:00:00 Intro Music
00:00:34 Opening
00:00:47 Welcome
00:01:57 For the Good of the Show

00:04:10 Feedback
00:04:31 Website

00:06:48 Reviews
00:07:25 Amazing Spider-Man v1 081 (+ +)
00:24:37 Word of the Show

00:32:28 Nick’s Commentaries
X-men v1 064 (+ +)

01:16:40 Quote Challenge
01:19:16 Coming Attractions
Avengers v1 073
Captain America v1 122
Chamber of Darkness v1 003
01:20:11 Contact Us
01:21:32 Thank Yous
01:22:12 Outro Music
01:23:17 Fini

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Geek Brunch Episode 104 – Old Spice and Red Bush

Look at your man then look at us. Mike, Micah and Bill discuss Amazing Spider-man, Soap on a Rope, Batman The Brave and The Bold, Siege, Tiny Titans, Blackest Night, Milestone Comics, Triumphant Comics, Malibu Comics, The Beast, Archie, Savage Dragon, Captain America Reborn, Captain America Who Will Wield the Shield, Dark Avengers, New Avengers, Arkham Reborn. We then discuss some TV including Spartacus Blood and Sand, Smallville, and Human Target. Movies discussed are The Crazies, Justice League Crisis of Two Earths, Planet Hulk, Devil’s Backbone, Paranormal Activity, Couples Retreat, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Dead Snow. We talk some homemade french fries, chicken enchiladas, chicken caesar wraps, and Red Bush.

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The Marvel Bronze Age episode 8 – Banjo Music

Lets all sit back and listen once again as we tune into those geek ravings of Miscatonic and his faithful co-host Levi.

Time stamp hh:mm:ss

0:00:00 Intro Music
0:00:36 Opening
0:00:50 Welcome
0:01:17 Sponsors
0:02:17 For the Good of the Show

0:05:36 Feedback
0:05:37 Fanpage Feedback
0:06:07 Homepage Comments
0:10:27 Forum Comments

0:12:53 Reviews
0:12:54 Marvel Tales
Amazing Spider-man 31 ( + + )
0:31:38 Journey into Mystery 111 ( – + )
0:39:50 Purple Monkey
0:48:18 Strange Tales 122 ( – – )

0:57:58 Recap
1:00:17 Coming Attractions
Mighty Marvel Western 7
Millie the Model 178
My Love 3
1:05:31 Closing
1:06:43 Thank Yous
1:06:58 Remarks
1:08:00 Outro Music
1:08:41 Fini

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Teenage Wasteland Episode 60 – Joe the Barbarian #1

New Vertigo book! Mysterio! Marcos Martin! The awesomeness that is Erik Larsen! Plenty of positive words spoken, but, be warned…..some downers in the bunch.

Books Discussed
Joe the Barbarian #1
Amazing Spider-man #618
Old Man Winter and Other Sordid Tales
Dark Entries
Storming Paradise #1-6
Savage Dragon #155

Music featured is by The Flaming Lips.

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Marvel Noise Episode 104

It’s another episode!  New releases, a voicemail from Carlos, Smash Tales, and a visit to the Bunker!  Plus – our host talks about Spider-Man!  In the flavors of Amazing and Web of!!

Discuss this episode on the forum.

Dan-O, Climb to Elara (http://www.danosongs.com/)

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Items shipping January 20, 2010

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #618 Incentive Joe Quinones Villain Variant Cover – [PI]
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #618 Regular Marcos Martin Cover $2.99
Avengers vs Agents Of Atlas #1 Incentive Gabriel Hardman Variant Cover – [PI]
Avengers vs Agents Of Atlas #1 Regular Humberto Ramos Cover $3.99
Black Widow & The Marvel Girls #3 $2.99
Captain America Road To Reborn TP $19.99
Captain America Vol 5 #602 $3.99
Dark Avengers #13 (Siege Tie-In) $3.99
Dark Wolverine #82 (Siege Tie-In) $2.99
Deadpool Merc With A Mouth #7 Regular Arthur Suydam Wraparound Cover $3.99
Deadpool Merc With A Mouth #7 Variant Rob Liefeld Cover $3.99
Deathlok Vol 4 #3 $3.99
Doctor Voodoo Avenger Of The Supernatural #4 $2.99
Excalibur Visionaries Alan Davis Vol 2 TP $24.99
Hulk Fall Of The Hulks Prelude TP $24.99
Hulk Vol 2 #19 Incentive Marko Djurdjevic Variant Cover (Fall Of The Hulks Tie-In) – [PI]
Hulk Vol 2 #19 Regular Ed McGuinness Cover (Fall Of The Hulks Tie-In) $3.99
Incredible Hercules #140 $3.99
Incredible Hulk Vol 3 #606 Incentive Marko Djurdjevic Variant Cover (Fall Of The Hulks Tie-In) – [PI]
Incredible Hulk Vol 3 #606 Regular John Romita Jr Cover (Fall Of The Hulks Tie-In) $3.99
Marvel Fairy Tales TP $14.99
Marvel Illustrated Odyssey TP $19.99
Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Jungle Adventure Vol 1 HC Regular Dust Jacket $59.99
Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Jungle Adventure Vol 1 HC Variant Dust Jacket $59.99
Marvel Masterworks Doctor Strange Vol 4 HC Regular Dust Jacket $54.99
Marvel Masterworks Doctor Strange Vol 4 HC Variant Dust Jacket $54.99
Mighty Avengers #33 $2.99
Nova Vol 4 #33 (Realm Of Kings Tie-In) $2.99
Realm Of Kings Inhumans #3 $3.99
Spider-Man 1602 #4 $3.99
Spider-Woman Vol 4 #5 $2.99
Thing Project Pegasus HC Premiere Edition Book Market Cover $24.99
Thing Project Pegasus HC Premiere Edition Direct Market Cover $24.99
Thor By J Michael Straczynski Vol 3 HC $19.99
Thunderbolts #140 $2.99
Ultimatum Requiem TP $15.99
Uncanny X-Men #520 (Nation X Tie-In) $2.99
Web Of Spider-Man Vol 2 #4 $3.99
Wolverine & Black Cat Claws TP $12.99
Wolverine First Class Class Actions TP $14.99
Wolverine Weapon X #9 $3.99
X-Men Asgardian Wars HC $34.99

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Teenage Wasteland Episode 59 – Best of 2009

It’s a marathon episode this week as myself and co-host Joe Aulisio rundown all that was great in comic books throughout the year of 2009. Plenty is discussed as we close out the exciting year and welcome 2010.

best comics

Amazing Spider-Man
Asterios Polyp
Batman And Robin
Criminal: The Sinners
Detective Comics
I Kill Giants
The Nobody
Parker: The Hunter
Phonogram: The Singles Club
Savage Dragon
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe
Seaguy: The Slaves Of Mickey Eye
Strange Tales
Stray Bullets “Open the Goddamned Box” in Noir
Sweet Tooth
The Umbrella Academy: Dallas
The Unwritten
Young Liars
best writers/artists
David Mazzucchelli
JH Williams III
Frank Quitely
Sean Phillips
Grant Morrison
Mike Carey
Ed Brubaker
best in podcast
11 O’Clock Comics
Comic Geek Speak
Creative Screenwriting Magazine
PKD Media Black Box

The Uncanny X-Cast

Music is featured by Morrissey.

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