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2 People Talking 2: Angie Loves The Saga Of Swamp Thing

After a few technical difficulties, the second episode of 2 People Talking features your hosts Angela Paman and Derek Coward talking about Scalped, Scout, the Holy Grail of Comic Books, getting back issues, Blankets, Frank Miller’s Batman books, The Saga of Swamp Thing, defending Watchmen, 2008’s superhero movies, anime influenced superhero cartoons, The Marvel Super Heroes, Watchmen Motion Comics, Derek goes temporarily senile, The SWORD, G. Willow Wilson’s Air, “Allergies and Food and that kind of stuff” and how to find and/or contact us.

This episode features the song “Swamp Ass” by Thee Corsairs.

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saga of the swamp thing book one

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Comic Book Podcast Show – 1/18/2009 to 1/24/2009

The debut episode featuring clips from comic book podcasts such as:
GI Joe Reviews
Comic Geek Speak
The Mangacast (by EdChav)
Geek Nights Wednesdays
Related Recap (Oops, it was Jesus HATES Zombies)
Graphic Detail
Funnybook Babylon
Comic News Podcast (Geek Radio is the website of a technology podcast)
Waiting For The Trade.

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Theme Song – Baby, You Have No Eyes by The Kazoo Funk Orchestra.

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CraveOnline Buys MyAnimeList.net

PaidContent.org is reporting that “men’s entertainment and lifestyle site” CraveOnline.com has bought MyAnimeList.net, “an anime and manga community that introduces you to people. anime and manga”.

I haven’t been able to find a second source to verify it, but I trust PaidContent.org. I thought it was a little weird at first because on a quick glance, CraveOnline.com looks like a less horny MaximOnline while MyAnimeList.net is about as basic a website as you can get. The only images on it were in a banner ad for something called Mabinogi, “a MMORPG without limits”. However CraveOnline has a comics section, so I suppose there could be some overlap.

CraveOnline is owned by AtomicOnline, which also owns SheKnows.com and TeenCrunch.com. Either of them would seem to be a better fit than CraveOnline, so I am interested in why PaidContent.org stressed the CraveOnline connection.

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