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Review: The Wind Raider #1

The Wind Raider #1 of 3
Ape Entertainment
$3.50 cover price
Created & Written by: Richard Finney and Dean Loftis
Art by: Gabriel Hardman
Colors by: Micah Farritor
Lettering & Design by: David Hedgecock

“When you control the Wind …you control the future.”

In this post-apocalyptic world, where people known as Ki Warriors can bend the winds to their will, a young boy named Joshua finds himself in trouble with a murderous group of bandits. There are hints of a greater darkness and a rising force for good.

I am a big fan of the post-apocalyptic genre of storytelling. Sure this book offers somewhat familiar situations to viewers of The Road Warrior and other movies like that. But I have to say I really enjoyed the style of this book. A lot of the story is told in artwork reminiscent of Joe Kubert or Francesco Francavilla, done mostly in brown tones to nicely give off the effect of a harsh desert-dwelling life.

The world of The Wind Raider is a harsh and violent world but this story isn’t terribly graphic in the violence. The book is labeled as suitable for teen and up, and I would agree with that assessment and say 13 and up. This is a great change of pace from the usual capes and tights comics and has enough originality and excitement to interest young and old alike.

There are also backup pages with extensive character history and information about the world they inhabit so you can tell the creative team has worked hard to develop this story.

You can find a trailer on YouTube as well as more information about the book at the website: http://www.thewindraider.com or the publisher website at: http://apecomics.com/

This 48 page first issue hits shelves in January 2009.

– Eric Martin

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Comic Book Noise 151: Comics Now, Return To Point Pleasant and Secret Invasion

Host Derek Coward goes old school with a rather subdued episode where he talks about his plans for his Podcast column in the Comics Now magazine, gives a review of Ape Entertainment’s Return To Point Pleasant OGN and gives his thoughts on Marvel’s Secret Invasion miniseries event.

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Comics Playground 8: Gremlins, Goblins and Mutants! Oh my!

The guys double up on the Required Reading for this episode, reviewing both Goblin Chronicles #1 and Wolverine: First Class #1. Also, our first contest is officially announced! Plus, it’s a good episode for some Independent Reading. All this plus some news for the low, low cost of free!

Goblin Chronicles #1 spoiler time stamp: 24:25 – 43:08
Wolverine: First Class #1 spoiler time stamp: 43:49 – 1:02:08

Download Here

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Indie Comic Book Noise for April 16, 2008: Skipper Martin Interview

This time out, besides the normal listings of Independent Comics Scheduled to Ship to Comics Shops on April 16th, 2008, I have a chat with Bizarre New World creator, Skipper Martin. For a preview of Skip’s various comics visit the Ape Entertainment website and click on the Bizarre New World cover for links to previews of both the first three issue mini-series, and the one shot special.

Download Here

Independent Comics Scheduled to Ship to Comics Shops on April 16th, 2008:

AC Comics
Best Of The West #66
Femforce #143

Afterburn Comics
Blood & Roses Con Special
Blood & Roses In The Dark #1 Regular Cover

Antarctic Press
Pirates vs Ninjas Global Harming One-Shot

Ape Entertainment
Goblin Chronicles #2 Cvr A
Goblin Chronicles #2 Cvr B
Misadventures Of Clark & Jefferson #4

Archie Comics
Archie & Friends #118
Archie Digest #243
Sabrina Vol 2 #93

Bongo Comics
Simpsons Comics #141

BOOM! Entertainment
Cthulhu Tales #1 Cvr A
Cthulhu Tales #1 Cvr B
Hunters Moon TP
Warhammer Forge Of War TP

Dabel Brothers Publications
Jim Butchers Dresden Files Welcome To The Jungle #1 Adrian Syaif Cover
Jim Butchers Dresden Files Welcome To The Jungle #1 Chris McGrath Cover

Dark Horse
Fear Agent #20 Hatchet Job Part 4
Grendel Behold The Devil #6
Pigeons From Hell #1
Rex Mundi Vol 2 #11
Hellboy Library Edition Vol 1 Seed Of Destruction & Wake The Devil HC

Desperado Publishing
Deadworld Frozen Over #2
Necessary Evil #5

Devils Due Publishing
Worlds Of Dungeons & Dragons #1 Cvr A Seeley
Worlds Of Dungeons & Dragons #1 Cvr B Roberts

Do Gooder Press
PS238 Vol 5 Extraterrestrial Credit TP

Drawn & Quarterly
All We Ever Do Is Talk About Wood GN
Fire Away GN

Dynamite Entertainment
Army Of Darkness Long Road Home #8 Fabiano Neves Cover
Army Of Darkness Long Road Home #8 Stjepan Sejic Cover
Darkness vs Eva #1 Foil Cover
Lone Ranger Vol 4 #11 Incentive John Cassaday Virgin Cover
Lone Ranger Vol 4 #11 Regular John Cassaday Cover
Red Sonja Vol 4 #32 Adriano Batista Cover
Red Sonja Vol 4 #32 Fabiano Neves Cover
Red Sonja Vol 4 #32 Nat Jones Cover
Red Sonja Travels TP

Gemstone Publishing
Uncle Scrooge #374
Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #689

Gestalt Publishing
Waldos Hawaiian Holiday GN

Graphitti Designs
American Flagg Limited Edition HC Book Set

Bone Vol 7 Ghost Circles HC Color Edition
Bone Vol 7 Ghost Circles TP Color Edition

Hachette Book Group
In The Small Graphic Novel HC
In The Small Graphic Novel TP

IDW Publishing
Angel After The Fall #1 NDC & BCC Exclusive Cover
Badger Saves The World #5
Doctor Who Vol 2 #3
Star Trek Year Four Enterprise Experiment #1 Incentive Photo Cover
Star Trek Year Four Enterprise Experiment #1 Regular Cover A
Star Trek Year Four Enterprise Experiment #1 Regular Cover B

76 #3
Bad Planet #5
Infinite Horizon #3
Noble Causes Vol 2 #32
Perhapanauts Vol 2 #1
Sword #7
Wonderlost #2
Amory Wars Vol 1 Second Stage Turbine Blade TP
Nixons Pals GN
Noble Causes Archives Vol 1 TP
Strange Girl Vol 4 Golden Lights TP
Stupid Comics Phoenix Edition GN

Image/Top Cow
Darkness Vol 3 #3 Cvr A Keown
Darkness Vol 3 #3 Cvr B Sejic

Kenzer & Company
Knights Of The Dinner Table #138

Manuscript Press
Comics Revue #264

Captain Action Vol 2 #0 Incentive RubenProcopio Variant Cover
Captain Action Vol 2 #0 Regular Mark Sparacio Cover
Captain Action Vol 2 #0 Regular Paul Gulacy Cover

Oni Press
Damned Prodigal Sons #1

Platinum Studios
Hero By Night Vol 2 #3

Red 5 Comics
Atomic Robo #1 3rd Ptg
Atomic Robo #2 2nd Ptg
Atomic Robo #3 2nd Ptg
Atomic Robo #4 2nd Ptg
Atomic Robo #5 2nd Ptg

Super Real Graphics
Gnome One Shot

Virgin Comics
Econauts One Shot
Ramayan 3392 AD Reloaded Vol 2 Tome Of The Wastelands TP
Sadhu Vol 2 Silent Ones TP

Viz Media
Shojo Beat Vol 4 #5 May 08

Zenescope Entertainment
Grimm Fairy Tales #2 DF Exclusive Variant Cover
Grimm Fairy Tales #26
Living Corpse #3
Willow Creek #1

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