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Comic Book Noise Presents: Convergence Week 1

Host Derek Coward talks about the books he read from the first week of DC’s Convergence event: Convergence 0, Convergence 1, Convergence: The Question, Convergence: Speed Force 1, Convergence: Superman 1, Convergence: Justice League 1, Convergence: Batgirl 1, Convergence: Harley Quinn 1, Convergence: The Titans 1, Convergence: Nightwing-Oracle 1, Convergence: The Atom 1, and Convergence: Batman and Robin 1

Comic Book Noise 465: The Joker Batgirl Cover Controversy

Host Derek Coward talks about the recent rash of cancellations to the books on his pull list and the latest controversy to grip the comic book community.

Comic Book Noise 389: Politics, Death, Cheerleading, and 26

Host Derek Coward talks about a variety of subjects on the way to work including politics, Walter Simonson, Death, Afterlife With Archie, Sabrina, Batgirl, Arrow, and Cyborg.

Comic Book Noise 287: I Vampire, Batgirl, World’s Finest, and Earth 2

Host Derek Coward talks about leaving feedback (again), I Vampire 15, Batgirl 16, World’s Finest 8, and Earth 2 8.

Comic Book Noise 287: I Vampire, Batgirl, World's Finest, and Earth 2
Comic Book Noise 287: I Vampire, Batgirl, World’s Finest, and Earth 2

Comic Book Noise 272: Avengers vs X-Men and more

Host Derek Coward returns with a look at the newest batch of comic books that he bought, including the first two issues of Avengers vs X-Men, and a whole lot of #8s.

Comic Book Noise 262: Battle Scars #1

Host Derek Coward was pretty cranky when he recorded this episode, but he talked about Battle Scars #1 and a bunch of DC comic books. He also decided to drop one of the DC The New 52 titles.

cover to battle scars 1

Comic Book Noise 257: New DC 52 Week One

Host Derek Coward takes a look at the comic books he bought during the first week of DC’s New 52: the number ones issues of Action Comics, Animal Man, Batgirl, Batwing, Hawk and Dove, Men Of War,O.M.A.C. and Stormwatch.

Batgirl 1

DC Noise 77 – Kate vs. Two Face BatEpisode

Mike and Keith talk about:

Power Girl 8-9
Showcase Batman and the Outsiders

Arkham Reborn #1-3
Azrael #5
Batgirl #7
Batman #696
Tiny Titans #25
Red Robin #9
Batman and Robin #8-9
Batman: Streets of Gotham #9
Gotham City Sirens #9

DC Noise 74 – Welcome to BatKnight For Real

Keith and Mike go over Bat-tastic books:

Azrael #4
Batman and Robin #7
Batman #695
Batman The Widening Gyre #4
Batman: Streets of Gotham #8
Batgirl #6
Detective Comics #861
Gotham City Sirens #8
Red Robin #8

Music from the Pod-Safe Network – Batman Twist Edit by Lemon

DC Noise 73 – Come join the BatDance

Mike and Keith tackle

Red Tornado #4-5
Doom Patrol #6
Green Arrow Black Canary #28
Outsiders #26
Brave and the Bold #30
Atom and Hawkman #46
Blackest Night JSA #2
Green Lantern #50

Song Featured is from the podsafe music network and is Robin vs. Batman by My Corduroy