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DC Noise Episode 21: December 2008 Previews and Batman

Mike and Eric are back from their break with a look at the December issue of Previews for the DC books coming out in February 2009. Small spoiler section for Batman R.I.P. from 00:04:39 to 00:07:53.

After that, Mike learns what a merkin is. And you can too if you join us for our spoiler-filed look at Batman: Cacophony from 00:46:54 to 01:03:49

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Comic Book Noise 148: Hate vs Disappointment

Host Derek Coward explains why being disenfranchisement and disappointment is not the same as hate. To make his point, he mentions Batman, Superman, Captain Marvel, Prime, dating a female bodybuilder, Batman: Prodigal, Az-bats, Batman: RIP, dead Steve Rogers, dead Superman, blonde Wonder Woman, black Iron Man, gray Hulk, puzzle pieces, taking the audience for granted, podcast recipes, scripted material and stilted dialog versus satisfying spontaneity, referencing the hidden past, real competition, what are you buying this week, expanding pull lists, Andrew Kreisberg and Helen Killer, a sixty percent failure rate, Invasion, Animal Man, Doom Patrol and why lean does not mean sickly.

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