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Comic Book Noise 480: Clarifying DC

Host Derek Coward talks about Daredevil, clarifies his position on DC, reveals his first brush with snitches, and ends the show very abruptly.

Comic Book Noise 479: Daredevil, Spider-Man, and Batman

Host Derek Coward talks about his anticipation for the upcoming Daredevil TV show, and what he thinks about other superheroes.

Comic Book Noise 453: No Mercy Preview

Host Derek Coward talks about receiving his new comics, the book he added to his pull list as well as the two he removed.

Comic Book Noise 450: The Waynes and Uncle Ben

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about Gotham, why he doesn’t care about the Waynes, why he likes Uncle Ben, and something else but couldn’t remember while writing the shownotes.

Comic Book Noise 449: What Does Agent Carter Have That Lois Lane Doesn’t?

Host Derek Coward talks about the latest episode of The Flash, Marvel’s Agent Carter, the upcoming Aka Jessica Jones show, and the nonexistent Lois Lane television show.

Comic Book Noise 443: The Joker and Evil

Host Derek Coward talks about missing Gotham, a rumor about the Joker, evil villains, and stupid racists.

Comic Book Noise 438: Me and the Current DC Universe

Host Derek Coward talks about the current DC Universe and what it means to him. Note: Remember this show is not for the easily offended.

Comic Book Noise 424: Old Notes on Wednesday Comics

Host Derek Coward finds an old notebook and talks about Wednesday Comics.

Comic Book Noise 420, Part One: Marvel’s Avengers Alliance, and Gotham

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about Marvel’s Avengers Alliance and continues with his thoughts on the latest episode of Gotham before being interrupted.

Comic Book Noise 419: Agent Carter, Comic Book Podcast Wiki, and Gotham

Host Derek Coward talks very briefly about what he did last night, but doesn’t go into any detail about his impressions on the premiere of Agent Carter. However, he talks at length about the comic book podcast wiki and mentions what he thinks Gotham could have done to preempt a lot of whining about The Batman.