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Comic Book Noise 744: Wacky Raceland #2, Gotham, and Lucifer

Host Derek Coward talks about the second issue of Wacky Raceland, how he has come around to seeing the city of Gotham as a character in its own right, and why he probably won’t be reading the Lucifer comic book series.

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Comic Book Noise 741: Not For Andom Rassholes

Host Derek Coward talks about why he doesn’t care about reviews, why he doesn’t consider what he does to be reviewing, and who he doesn’t want listening to the show.

Batman v Superman v John Cena
Image from comicbook.com

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Comic Book Noise 728: More Suicide Squad Thoughts

On the eleventh anniversary of the Deliberate Noise Network, host Derek Coward talks more about his thoughts on the movie Suicide Squad, real locations for fictional towns, how far back you have to go to get another DC movie he liked as much, and why “Not my Superman” doesn’t make sense to him.

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Comic Book Noise 727: Suicide Squad Parking Lot Review

Host Derek Coward talks about the 2016 film ‘Suicide Squad’ while sitting in the parking lot of the theater.
suicide squad

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Comic Book Noise 724: Tyler Hoechlin, Krypton, Gotham, and Near Collisions

Host Derek Coward gives his thoughts on the one image he has seen of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman, wonders what happened to Krypton, talks about Gotham and how it should have possibly have been Gotham Central, and ends this short show in a good mood for a bad reason.

Supergirl and Superman

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