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Teenage Wasteland Episode 67 – Choker, Ultimate X and a Bit of Business

This week on Teenage Wasteland…

J. Michael Straczynski is set to take on both Wonder Woman and the Man of Steel, and I find it interesting. Plus, a small observation on comic sales and the direct market and a run down of reviews on plenty of Number 1 issues.  And, last but not least, Mr. Sandquist stops by to talk all things Sam Kieth.

Books Discussed
Ultimate X #1
New Ultimates #1
Demo #1
Human Target #1
Choker #1

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Quick Review of Choker 1

This is a good book, but it is one of those books where I’m not sure if I get what is going on but it doesn’t matter because I like it anyway. Templesmith’s art is as oddly beautiful as ever and I still don’t know if I have ever read anything else by this Ben McCool guy, but I think he would probably be a very good novelist.  And I really enjoyed the “how I do stuff” article in the back of the book.

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