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Comic Book Noise 245: War Comics

Host Derek Coward talks about war comics he has read in the past and reveals which podcaster looks like Sgt. Rock.

The 'Nam

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Where They Are Now? – Grant Miehm

A few weeks ago, I was doodling at work and created a character called Robo-Reagan (I will post a scan of it if I get a chance). Although he didn’t look like Cyber-Ike, the comic book series The American immediately came to mind. If you never had an opportunity to read The American, you should pick up the trade from Dark Horse Comics. It was written by Mark Verheiden and featured artwork by Dougie Braithwaite, Chris Marrinan, Brandon Peterson, Chris Warner and Grant Miehm. The American was also one of the best B&W superhero comic books of 80s. I would recommend it, even if this wasn’t an Amazon Link:

Even though the book had a lot of big name artists on it, the only one I really associate the book with is Grant Miehm. This is probably because while Grant was drawing The American, he was also working on Secret Origins from DC and had pictures in the Who’s Who and Who’s Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes books.

After The American, Grant Miehm also had stints on Suicide Squad (written by John Ostrander) and Manhunter (written by Kim Yale). He also had fill-in issues on The Flash and Blackhawk. The last thing I remember him on was The Legend of The Shield (co-written by Mark Waid). After that he moved to Marvel, but I don’t think I read anything he did for them.

I hadn’t thought of him in years until the creation of Robo-Reagan. It was really weird to see the latest issue of Boy’s Life had a two page story drawn by Grant Miehm called Scouts In Action. I’m not sure how long he has been doing this, but I think it is cool. I am glad he is still writing and drawing, but I wonder what else he is doing.

Does anyone have any details on what Grant Miehm is up to these days?

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Comic Book Noise 183: Wednesday Comics

Host Derek Coward talks about the just completed Wednesday Comics.countdown-kamandi

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Ms. Marvel Contest Winner

The Prize: Ms Marvel (2006) 1-5

The Contest: Identify the following characters.
The following characters:

from Hero Alliance
from Hero Alliance
Lady Blackhawk
from Blackhawk
Axel Pressbutton
from Laser Eraser and
The Prowler
from The Prowler
from Thunderstrike
from Strike!
from Motormouth and
Pre-Crisis Nightwing
from Superman and
Action Comics

The Winner: Jim Dietz.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Remember there are no losers: just Jim and the rest of you.

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