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2 People Talking 75: Derek Loves Eating Vicariously Through Others

Hosts Derek Coward and Angela talk about pictures in the wild, new comics, Madame Xanadu, Homicide: A Year On The Killing Streets (not Fields), Treme, Incredible Hulk scans, Avengers comic books, Daytripper trades vs issues, how to hack a bag sale, new schools and birthday parties, TV shows, Louis CK, Veronica Mars vs Buffy and breakfast recommendations.

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Geek Brunch Episode 86

With Mike away on a GI Joe European Mission, Heath invites Eric Martin and Mike Manning to stop by for a discussion about life, love, and the pursuit of geekery. Among the topics discussed: Star Trek, Buffy and Angel, more anal beads, lisps, Paul Stanley, and Blu Ray bliss.

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What I Bought – March 9, 2009

I had time to kill between going to the new job to fill out paperwork and picking Stephen up from school. And since there is a comic book shop right around the corner from the school (relatively speaking)…

I walked in and asked the counter guy “What was the best selling comic book last week?” He had a bit of trouble coming up with something, but one thing was certain: It was NOT War Of Kings #1. Normally this might bode bad, but they also had trouble moving Secret Invasion stuff and that was the best selling book last year.

He finally came up with Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Eight #23. And even though I broke my streak of issues not bought of Buffy, I picked it up.


War of Kings Saga was free and I heard good things about it from Mike Myers of Geek Brunch.

And since I picked Saga, I might as well pick up the first issue (even though it hasn’t been selling well):

I also picked up Stormwatch Team Achilles Vol. 2 because I liked vol 1 so much. Unfortunately, it has one of the worst endings I have ever read in a collection. Major cliffhanger and I’m not sure that Vol 3 was ever released.

And since I already had Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating The DC Universe Vol 2, I grabbed Vol 3. I also discovered didn’t have any of those issues. I’m not sure how that happened.

I also grabbed a bunch of issues from the dollar bin.





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Geek Brunch Episode 65: Biscuits For Brunch

Repeat offender Andy Salazar, Falanius on our forum and host of The Biscuit Show podcast, returns for a talk on the changes in the Brunch, a Superman love fest, and a lengthy testimony on the wonders of Buffy.

Features the song “Time To Waste” by Alkaline Trio.

Download Here

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Geek Brunch 64: Brunchy and Yet ANOTHER Savant

Brian Roberts of the Geek Savants sits in for a talk on Buffy, G. I. Joe, True Blood, Thai food, and how Heath got his comic groove back.

Featuring the songs “A Lonely September” by the Plain White Ts and “Dead Letter” by Cage 9.

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Indie Comic Book Noise 212: Angie Loves Gerry Alanguilan Artwork

Bruce Rosenberger returns with a look at the work of Jeremy Massie, Angie and Derek talk about apologies, Angie’s Stuff It Sale haul, “Really? Why? Really? Where?”, Nexus history, Burn Notice recommendation, Bubba Ho-Tep, Rick Remender, BTVS and Joss Whedon, Are the waits for late comics ever really worth it?, Angela ruins diets, Angela hates blondes, The return of Milestone, Musical Interlude, Batman: Joker’s Asylum recommendation, The Boy Who Made Silence trade?, Young Liars recommendation, Gerry Alanguilan history, No Madman Atomic Comics for Angela, The Perhapanauts Vol 1 recommendation, What Derek is loving, Greatest American Hero, Freakangels recommendation, Love and Capes recommendation, Spy School, The Odd Squad, AmericaJr.net, Black Terror, God The Dyslexic Dog, Rick Remender, What Angie Wanted To Talk About and Asobi Seksu.

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