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Comic Book Noise Episode 317: Thor Everything Burns

Host Derek Coward talks about his history with The Mighty Thor and the trade Everything Burns.

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The Reason Why I Dropped Uncanny X-Men All Those Years Ago

For years I have mentioned that I was a huge Uncanny X-men fan/collector until they pissed me off with two issues that teased something that wouldn’t happen. I thought they both had “The Final Fate of An X-Man” on the title, but only one did.

Uncanny X-men 247 and 248
Uncanny X-men 247 and 248

Any way, I was pissed with issue 247 because it was so obviously written for her to come back one day and 248 felt such a bait and switch that I didn’t come back for issue 249. It felt like they were playing me for a fool (Not everyone just me in particular) and I was done. The never-ending subplots of Chris Claremont’s X-storytelling didn’t help either. Going forward I may have picked up an issue or two, but I didn’t get them regularly/add them to my pull list until Uncanny X-men 500, and that only lasted a couple of months before I got laid off and had to stop collecting altogether.

When I started collecting again, I stayed away from the X-Men because that whole corner of the Marvel universe just seems confusing and angry. It wasn’t until Marvel NOW! started up with All-New X-men and Uncanny X-Men that I have decided to bring them back to my list. Since modern day covers no longer tell you what to expect inside the books, I don’t think I will get turned away due to shenanigans like in the old days.

Have you ever been so turned off by the cover shenanigans of a comic series that it caused you to drop it? Let me know.

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Madelyne Pryor

As most listeners of Comic Book Noise know, Cyclops is my favorite member of the X-Men and one of my favorite comic book characters. That said, I always preferred Madelyne Pryor-Summers, his wife, to his old girlfriend, Jean Grey, and it bummed me out when he ran out on Maddie and the baby.

Tom Brevoort answered a question about Maddie on Formspring by saying “I don’t really know much about the inter-office politics of the era, but I do think that Madeline Pryor was a train wreck from beginning to end, from her first appearance to her latest.” While appreciate his frank answer, he is wrong about two major things: 1) It’s Madelyne, not Madeline, and 2) She didn’t start about as a train wreck, she was made that way.

According to Chris Claremont, there was not only a different fate in store for Maddie, but also for Scott and eventually, the rest of the X-Men.

“The original Madelyne storyline was that, at its simplest level, she was that one in a million shot that just happened to look like Jean Grey, [a.k.a. the first Phoenix]! And the relationship was summed up by the moment when Scott says: “Are you Jean?” And she punches him! That was in Uncanny X-Men #174. Because her whole desire was to be deeply loved for herself not to be loved as the evocation of her boyfriend’s dead romantic lover and sweetheart.

I mean, it’s a classical theme. You can go back to a whole host of 1930s films, 1940s, Hitchcock films—but it all got invalidated by the resurrection of Jean Grey in X-Factor #1. The original plotline was that Scott marries Madelyne, they have their child, they go off to Alaska, he goes to work for his grandparents, he retires from the X-Men. He’s a reserve member. He’s available for emergencies. He comes back on special occasions, for special fights, but he has a life. He has grown up. He has grown out of the monastery; he is in the real world now. He has a child. He has maybe more than one child. It’s a metaphor for us all. We all grow up. We all move on.

Scott was going to move on. Jean was dead get on with your life. And it was close to be a happy ending. They lived happily ever after, and it was to create the impression that maybe if you came back in ten years, other X-Men would have grown up and out, too. Would Kitty stay with the team forever? Would Nightcrawler? Would any of them? Because that way we could evolve them into new directions, we could bring in new characters. There would be an ongoing sense of renewal, and growth and change in a positive sense.

Then, unfortunately, Jean was resurrected, Scott dumps his wife and kid and goes back to the old girlfriend. So it not only destroys Scott’s character as a hero and as a decent human being it creates an untenable structural situation: what do we do with Madelyne and the kid? … So ultimately the resolution was: turn her into the Goblin Queen and kill her off.”

Can you imagine if Marvel had actually let their characters grow older and be replaced by different characters? Of course, it couldn’t happen, so they had to get rid of the reason why Scott Summers would even believe he grow up and be an adult. Remember that at the time, whatever affected the X-men affected the rest of the Marvel Universe. If they grew older, then so would The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, etc. I wish I knew about the inter-office politics then, because 1983 seems like a good time to try and change how comic book storytelling would proceed. But what do I know…?

BTW: I also prefer Emma Frost and I hope she and Scott reconcile.

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Comic Book Noise 250: Top Five Favorite X-Men Villains

Host Derek Coward talks about the history of some of the Comic Book Noise family shows, then goes over his top five favorite X-Men villains.

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My Top Ten Writers

I have a database for my comic books called Comic Collector. One of my favorite features is called Statistics.

As of 10/5/2010, here is a list of the ten comic book writers who show up the most in my collection.

1. Mark Waid
2. Keith Giffen
3. Chris Claremont
4. Chuck Dixon
5. Geoff Johns
6. Grant Morrison
7. Alan Moore
8. Dan Jurgens
9. Mike Baron
10. J.M. DeMatteis

Anyone who has heard my podcast has heard the phrase “I’m not the biggest Mark Waid fan.” Apparently I like the dude a lot more than I thought I did. I wonder how much this list will change once I populate all of the entries.

Mark Waid

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Marvel Noise Episode 100: King Size Extravaganza!

xmen100-cockrumThis is it!  The King-Size 100th episode of Marvel Noise!  And it’s packed with goodness.  New Releases!  Voicemails!  Marvel History Lesson!  Steve and Alan sit down to talk about Marvel’s 100th issues!  The first installment of a new segment (courtesy of Rick) – Smash Tales!  And the return of… MARVEL TALES!  Hope you’re ready, ‘cuz this one’s a doozy!!

Discuss this episode on the forum.

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, 100 Days, 100 Nights (http://www.daptonerecords.com/pages/stable_sharon.html)

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  • Essential X-Factor TP Vol. 3 (OCT090647D, $19.99; FOC 11/05/09) will be 520 pages, not 536 pages, and will contain – in addition to X-Factor #36-#50 — X-Factor Annual #3 & Uncanny X-Men #242-#243. It will no longer contain Uncanny X-Men #239-#241.
  • Iron Man vs. Whiplash #1 (Reg.: SEP090439D, $3.99; FOC 10/29/09) will have a cover by Brandon Peterson, not Phil Briones.
  • Fall of the Hulks Alpha (Reg./Var.: OCT090514-15D, $3.99), solicited as a 32-page title, will now run 48 pages with 31 new story pages plus bonus content at no additional cost. Additionally, the Fall of the Hulks Gamma Ed McGuinness Variant (OCT090517J, $1.50) has changed to a Fall of the Hulks Alpha Ed McGuinness Variant. Retailers who order any quantity of Marvel’s New Year’s Eve Eve Promo Calendar Bundle (OCT090465J, $25) may order any quantity desired of this variant.
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Comic Book Noise 167: The Teen Titans

Host Derek Coward talks about his remembrances of The Teen Titans. Since this is coming off the top of his head, he struggles to remember all of the black DC superheroes from the early 80s, casts aspersions on the appearance of Chief O’Hara and finally runs out of words at the end. Hopefully you find it a lot more entertaining than it sounds.

New Teen Titans 1

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X-Men: The Final Stand

[Spoilers in this post]

I finally saw the third X-Men movie, X-Men: The Final Stand. The movie that came out in 2006 and has been playing on FX for the past few months. The movie that most other comic book podcasters and comic book readers have seen already. That movie.

I wanted to not like it because I kept hearing that my favorite X-Man (Cyclops) had a very abbreviated role in the movie before getting killed off. I also heard that there were too many characters and most of them were underdeveloped. I heard that there were too many plots going on at once and it all combined to make a very muddled mess of a movie.

I liked it.

I started watching it on a number of occasions but for some reason never made it past Jean Grey walking down the stairs to meet with Xavier and Magneto. It might have been the crazy botoxy shiny faced way both men looked in that scene, I don’t know. This time, I sat down and just let it go.

The movie reminded me of the Claremont/Smith-Romita-Silvestri run of Uncanny X-Men. Lots of characters, lots of action, a discussion on philosophy and ethics with just the right amount of humor at just the right time.

The plot was pretty familiar for people who have read the Dark Phoenix Saga and Joss Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-Men. A company claims to have the cure for being a mutant, which causes all kinds of havoc in the mutant community. At the same time, the X-Men have to deal with a Jean Grey who has returned from the dead and is not on the side of good.

The effects were excellent. The scene where Jean drops her house made me pause the movie just so that I could say “Now, THAT was cool”. I was mesmerized by the end scenes where she was deconstructing everything in her path. Even without destroying a D’Bari star, you could tell that Dark Phoenix was not someone to mess with.

I think those were my favorite scenes, but I also really liked the relationship between Wolverine and Storm. The first movie was about Wolverine’s relationship with Rogue and the second was his relationship with Jean. In both of those instances, he was a father and a potential lover. In this movie, he and Storm were equals and I liked that.

In comics, I prefer Wolverine the loner, but I also like Wolverine, part of a duo. He had miniserieses with Havok and Kitty Pryde that were both pretty good. The storyline leading to his marriage with Mariko was him and Storm and I thought that was one of the many highlights of the series. In the Morrison run, there were issues with him and Cyclops and him and Jean that were great as well.

In the movies he has to play off of other characters and with Rogue, Cyclops and Jean out of the picture, it makes sense in the continuity of the X-Movieverse that he would gravitate towards Storm. The rest of the characters are too young and he never seemed to trust Xavier.

I wouldn’t go as far to say that this movie was as good as X2, but it was definitely as good as (if not better than) the first movie and I really liked the first movie.

If you haven’t seen it and can get past all of the previous negative press that this movie got, I think that you will enjoy. If you have seen it and didn’t like it, get rid of the mental ties between the movies and the comics and I think that it will surprise you with how good it is and well it fits in with the other two.

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