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Comic Book Podcast Show Episode 11

Host Derek Coward revives the show with a brand new (but blatantly stolen) format and features clips from Comic Timing, Major Spoilers, Comic Book Queers, Everything Comes Back To 2000 AD, The Comic Couch, Awesomed By Comics, The Comic Spot and Half Hour Wasted.

Comic Timing
Major Spoilers
Comic Book Queers
Everything Comes Back To 2000 AD
The Comic Couch
Awesomed By Comics
The Comic Spot
Half Hour Wasted

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Comic Book Noise 181: Do Something

This show contains a long, preachy ramble with very little comic book talk while host Derek Coward is driving. Names are dropped and feelings might be hurt, but the intention of the episode is pure and started from a good place.

And just when you think it is done, Derek comes back with a short discussion about the end of Wednesday Comics as well as what he picked up this week.

Relevant links:

Evil Genius Chronicles’ very moving tribute
11 O’Clock Comics
DC Noise
Around Comics
Comic Geek Speak
Comic Timing
Raging Bullets
The ReaderFeed

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Comic Book Podcast Show – 2/22/2009 to 2/28/2009

Host Derek Coward features clips from:
About Heroes
The Comic Couch
Dollar Bin
From The Monkey House
Comic Timing
Geek Stuff
GeekNights Wednesdays
Comic Book Attic [CORRECTION: Comic Book Attic is found on http://comicbookattic.libsyn.com, not blogspot.com address that I gave on the show.]
Downloadable Content, The Penny Arcade Podcast

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This week’s schedule will be filled with holes

There might be shows this week, but I’m not sure what they will be. I am positive that there will not be a new Indie Comic Book Noise, Marvel Noise, Geek Brunch, DC Noise, Comics Playground, Rocky Mountain Comic Book Noise, Welcome to Heavenside, Mage: The Hero Discussed, PPRD or The Fury of Iron Fist.

I’m not sure about Comic Book Noise, Burning Trash, The Shade’s Journal, The Number One Comic Book Show or Comic Book Noise Talks, but I am leaning towards probably not.

I was going to do a mad rush of podcasts like I seem to do every end of the year, but since I have already reached Episode 150, I have nothing to shoot for. I think it would be impossible for even me to do 48 episodes in three days.

So use this time to catch up on older shows, check out our cousins The Trip, Eye Of The Storm or Teenage Wasteland or check out Friends of the Family like Collected Comics Library, Komicskast, Comic Book Attic, Comic Book Savant, 11 O Clock Comics, Comic Geek Speak, Raging Bullets, Geek Syndicate, Comics Addiction, THOOM, Comic Book Road Show, DaFixer’s Hideout, Podcast X, Comic Timing or The Pop Cult Online. I’m pretty sure that they make podcasts that don’t deal with comic books but I’m not sure.

Most of all, sit back and relax. We’ll be back to a regular schedule pretty soon.

UPDATE: The Shade’s Journal will definitely be posted on Monday.

UPDATE 2: According to host Eric Martin, DC Noise will definitely be posted on Friday.

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Comic Book Noise 132: Black Summer 2 and 3

I am once again joined by Damian and Brian from Kryptographik in taking a look at Black Summer issues 2 and 3, created by Warren Ellis and Juan Jose Ryp, published by Avatar Press. We also talk about collecting multiple covers, separating cinematic storytelling from movie pitch comics, realistic body types in comics and why big breasted women aren’t necessarily unbelievable.

Download Here

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Damian Smith (TwitterFriendfeed)
Brian Matus (TwitterFriendfeed)
Comic Timing
Raging Bullets

Related Images:

No Hero 0 Auxiliary Cover

No Hero Sketchbook Cover

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Requesting opinions on a possible format change

I am thinking about shaking up the format of the show a bit.  I have been having a ball talking to Angie on Indie Comic Book Noise, I had fun hosting the World War Hulk shows with Tim Terrell and I am planning on having a special guest co-host on an irregular basis (Hint:  His name rhymes with Reter Pios), but I was wondering if I should have rotating guest co-hosts.  For example, Angie on an episode, then Pios on the next, David A Price, then Mike Myers, et cetera and so on and so forth.  Sort of like Comic Timing, but with one person.

This is just something that has been going through my sleep deprived mind right now.  What do you think?

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Comic Book Noise 110: Reviews and Recommendations

I go over the books that I forgot to get last week, give a few recommendations and semi-announce a new podcast.

Download Here

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The Top 300 for March 2008

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