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Another One Bites The Dust: Podcast Style

I don’t know how I overlooked this, but Augie DeBlieck has stopped doing The Pipeline Podcast.

If I recall correctly that makes Collected Comics Library the oldest active comic book podcast.

1) The Pipeline Podcast – done
2) Digital Strips – done
3) Comic Geeks – done
4) Collected Comics Library
5) Comic Geek Speak
6) Los Comic Geekos
7) Meanwhile…, The Comics Podcast – done
8) Comic News Insider
9) Geek 4×4 – done
10) Komicskast

Of course there is also Comicology Podcast by Neil Gorman, but I’m not exactly sure where he falls in the first ten. However, his show is also done.

This order comes from the podcasting column I wrote for the second issue of Comics Now (also done). I don’t have my notes anymore, but I’m pretty sure I am at #16 overall.

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Comic Book Noise 151: Comics Now, Return To Point Pleasant and Secret Invasion

Host Derek Coward goes old school with a rather subdued episode where he talks about his plans for his Podcast column in the Comics Now magazine, gives a review of Ape Entertainment’s Return To Point Pleasant OGN and gives his thoughts on Marvel’s Secret Invasion miniseries event.

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Indie Comic Book Noise 220: Angie Loves Queen and Country

No Bruce this episode.
What we’ve been up to.
The Facebook Conversation.
Queen and Country
Oni Press Sale
Top Shelf Sale
Comics Foundry RIP
Minx Line RIP
Starving dogs
I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness – According To Plan
Queen and Country redux
Marvel and DC’s lack of compelling titles
Low sales figures can still be a success
Pushing Daisies RIP and some TV talk
Scheduling difficulties

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Comics Now Issue 1

Hopefully by now, you have been able to get a copy of the Comics Now magazine’s first issue. If not, then I would suggest getting a copy. The main reason is the podcasting column, written by Bruce Rosenberger and myself. It is a brief overview of comic book podcasting. It is NOT a comprehensive look at the comic book podcasting community and it was written a long time ago. There are references to Bullpen Bulletins, Digital Strips and THOOM!, all of which are no longer with us. This is a COLUMN and not an ARTICLE. A column is a regularly occurring feature. An article is a one shot deal. (Yes, I know about the existence of ’a series of articles’, but this isn’t the case.)

If there is a podcast that you would like to see featured, then let me know. Chances are I have worked them into my future plans, but on the off chance that I haven’t, let me know about it. Just realize that I have already finished the second column and we have already started on the third, with plans being set up for the next six after that. So since Comics Now is a quarterly magazine, you may have to wait until 2010 for your suggestion to see the light of day.

Not everybody is going to be mentioned every issue. In fact, the only ones I can guarantee that will be mentioned in each column will be Comic Book Noise and
Komicskast, but that’s to be expected. Not everyone will have big long paragraphs devoted to their podcast, not even CBNoise or KKast. Trust me, there is a method to my madness. Some time in the hopefully distant future, when I have written my final word on comic book podcasting, it will all make sense.

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