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Comic Book Noise 249: How I Would Reboot The DC Universe

Host Derek Coward talks about the strange a lot of people are having about the upcoming DC Reboot and goes into detail about how he would handle things if he was in charge of the DC Universe.

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DC Noise Episode 45: Top Five Things We Would Do As DC Editor

This week Mike and Eric go over the July Previews catalog, discuss the
lists of “5 things we would do as DC editor” from listeners and our
own lists and then movie on to some quick discussion of several

Starting at 01:03:20 to 01:16:42 with various levels of spoilers
within we quickly discuss the following and more – JSA vs. Kobra 1,
Gotham City Sirens 1, The Brave and the Bold 23, Streets of Gotham 1,
Booster Gold 21, Prototype 3, Solomon Grundy 4, DC Superfriends 15,
Justice Society of America 28, Vigilante 7, Power Girl 2 and an
Unknown Soldier issue from 1976 that Mike forgot to mention the issue
number of.


Finally, we have full spoiler reviews/annotations for Strange
Adventures 4 (01:16:42 to 01:23:02) and Flash Rebirth 3 (01:23:02 to

Don’t forget about Mike’s comic giveaway to the person who correctly
writes in with the decoded Zatanna phrase to mike@comicbooknoise.com,
also Eric is giving away all 52 issues of Trinity for the cost of
shipping (he will throw in Countdown as a similar offer as well.)

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Comic Book Noise Bytes – September 26, 2007

TOP – Justice League Of America 13
BOP – Astounding Wolf-Man 3
ROW – The Joker Origin backup story from Countdown 31

Download Here

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Comic Book Noise Bytes – September 12, 2007

Here we go:

TOP – Justice League of America Wedding Special 1
BOP – Daredevil 100
ROW – Madame Mirage

No audio show for it this week. I wasn’t really enthused about anything that I read this week, except for the JLA Wedding Special, in fact I read it twice.

Daredevil 100 was really thick because after the main story there was a reprint of two issues featuring the first appearance (I believe) of Mister Fear. It is interesting to compare Ed Brubaker (one of the best writers out right now) and Gerry Conway (one of the most underrated writers of all time). There are also a bunch of extra in the back showing the development of some of the art pages that were pretty cool.

Madame Mirage has some of the best artwork out there right now. The story is infinitely better than the one Dini is telling over at Countdown (which was a pretty decent issue this week), but I think that it is because this is more a labor of love.

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