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Really Cool Cover

As most of the long time listeners of Comic Book Noise know, I’m not a fan of the artwork of Humberto Ramos. However, I will admit when I see a really cool cover by someone I’m not a fan of. That said, ladies and gentlemen, the cover to Deadpool Team-Up 897 is pretty damn cool looking.

Ramos’ anatomical exaggerations work perfectly with the otherworldliness of the two Ghost Riders. Deadpool’s pointy chin and oversized feet look like they fit in as well. I’m not sure where they are heading or what they are doing, but this cover makes me interested in finding out. Almost interested enough in actually reading a Deadpool story, but not quite. My only question is, if Blaze and Ketch are on motorcycles, does Deadpool really intend on jumping up and down until the three of them get to where they need to be?

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