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Comic Book Noise 499: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man

Host Derek Coward talks about spoilers, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, DC’s lack of a way to read digital archives of their stuff, and Brian Michael Bendis.

Comic Book Noise 498: Shadowland

Host Derek Coward talks about the Shadowland event which featured Daredevil as the leader of The Hand.

Comic Book Noise 488: Daredevil Season Two and Legends of Tomorrow

Host Derek Coward talks about the renewal of the Daredevil TV show from Netflix and the latest news regarding the upcoming Arrowverse TV show.

Comic Book Noise 486: Daredevil, Convergence, and Suicide Risk

Host Derek Coward talks about criticism of the Daredevil TV show, Convergence and Aquaman, and Suicide Risk from Boom Studios.

Comic Book Noise 484: Meant More Dead

Host Derek Coward talks about a few characters that have meant more dead and how the return of one has changed the way a lot of comic book readers react to some stories.

Comic Book Noise 481: Wonder Woman and Daredevil

Host Derek Coward gives a spoiler filled look at his last issue of Wonder Woman and a spoiler free look at the new Daredevil TV show from Netflix.

Comic Book Noise 480: Clarifying DC

Host Derek Coward talks about Daredevil, clarifies his position on DC, reveals his first brush with snitches, and ends the show very abruptly.

Comic Book Noise 479: Daredevil, Spider-Man, and Batman

Host Derek Coward talks about his anticipation for the upcoming Daredevil TV show, and what he thinks about other superheroes.

Comic Book Noise 478: Scott Pilgrim, Convergence, Daredevil, and Interview Podcasts

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about Scott Pilgrim, Convergence, the Daredevil TV show, and gives his feelings about listening to interviews.