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Comic Book Noise 602: Lots of Noise

Host Derek Coward talks about a variety of subjects, including the Bruce Jones run on Checkmate.

Checkmate 31
However, the supposition made about the artist on the Bruce Jones run of Checkmate was totally inaccurate.

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Marvel Noise Episode 100: King Size Extravaganza!

xmen100-cockrumThis is it!  The King-Size 100th episode of Marvel Noise!  And it’s packed with goodness.  New Releases!  Voicemails!  Marvel History Lesson!  Steve and Alan sit down to talk about Marvel’s 100th issues!  The first installment of a new segment (courtesy of Rick) – Smash Tales!  And the return of… MARVEL TALES!  Hope you’re ready, ‘cuz this one’s a doozy!!

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Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, 100 Days, 100 Nights (http://www.daptonerecords.com/pages/stable_sharon.html)

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Shipping list for December 3, 2009:

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Laughing Corpse Book 3 Executioner #2 $3.99
Black Panther Deadliest Of The Species TP $15.99
Black Widow & The Marvel Girls #1 $2.99
Captain America Theater Of War Prisoners Of Duty $3.99
Dark Avengers Annual #1 $4.99
Dark Tower Battle Of Jericho Hill #1 Incentive Brandon Peterson Variant Cover – [PI]
Dark Tower Battle Of Jericho Hill #1 Regular Jae Lee Cover $3.99
Deadpool Team-Up #898 $2.99
Essential X-Factor Vol 3 TP $19.99
Exiles Ultimate Collection Vol 3 TP $34.99
Fall Of The Hulks Alpha Incentive David Finch Variant Cover – [PI]
Fall Of The Hulks Alpha Regular Ed McGuinness Cover $3.99
Hulk Winter Guard $3.99
Iron Man Requiem One Shot $4.99
Iron Man vs Whiplash #1 Incentive Super Hero Squad Variant Cover – [PI]
Iron Man vs Whiplash #1 Regular Brandon Peterson Cover $3.99
Marvel Masterworks Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 TP Book Market Edition $24.99
Marvels Project #4 Incentive Gerald Parel Variant Cover – [PI]
Marvels Project #4 Regular Steve McNiven Cover $3.99
Marvels Project #4 Variant Steve Epting Cover $3.99
New Mutants Return Of Legion HC $19.99
Nova Vol 4 #32 (Realm Of Kings Tie-In) $2.99
Psylocke #2 $3.99
Siege The Cabal Incentive Alan Davis Sketch Cover – [PI]
Siege The Cabal Incentive Alan Davis Variant Cover – [PI]
Siege The Cabal Incentive David Finch Sketch Cover – [PI]
Siege The Cabal Regular David Finch Cover $3.99
Spider-Man Noir Eyes Without A Face #1 Regular Patrick Zircher Cover $3.99
Spider-Man Noir Eyes Without A Face #1 Variant Dennis Calero Cover $3.99
Spin Angels #4 $5.99
Starr The Slayer #4 $3.99
Strange Vol 2 #2 $3.99
Thor Vol 3 #604 Incentive Olivier Coipel Gatefold Variant Cover – [PI]
Thor Vol 3 #604 Regular Billy Tan Cover $2.99
Torch #4 $3.99
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #5 $3.99
Uncanny X-Men #518 $2.99
What If Secret Invasion $3.99
X-Babies #3 Regular Skottie Young Cover $3.99
X-Babies #3 Variant Jacob Chabot Star Comics Cover $3.99
X-Force Vol 3 Annual #1 $3.99

Product Updates:

  • Essential X-Factor TP Vol. 3 (OCT090647D, $19.99; FOC 11/05/09) will be 520 pages, not 536 pages, and will contain – in addition to X-Factor #36-#50 — X-Factor Annual #3 & Uncanny X-Men #242-#243. It will no longer contain Uncanny X-Men #239-#241.
  • Iron Man vs. Whiplash #1 (Reg.: SEP090439D, $3.99; FOC 10/29/09) will have a cover by Brandon Peterson, not Phil Briones.
  • Fall of the Hulks Alpha (Reg./Var.: OCT090514-15D, $3.99), solicited as a 32-page title, will now run 48 pages with 31 new story pages plus bonus content at no additional cost. Additionally, the Fall of the Hulks Gamma Ed McGuinness Variant (OCT090517J, $1.50) has changed to a Fall of the Hulks Alpha Ed McGuinness Variant. Retailers who order any quantity of Marvel’s New Year’s Eve Eve Promo Calendar Bundle (OCT090465J, $25) may order any quantity desired of this variant.
  • What If: Secret Invasion (OCT090548D, $3.99; FOC 11/12/09) will have art by Pow Rodrix with Frank Martin & Larry Stroman, not Rodrix & Stroman.

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Comic Book Noise 141: Uncanny X-Men 502

I talk in-depth about my personal history with the Uncanny X-Men title, my thoughts on the past creators and storylines, my personal history with the work of Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Greg Land and Terry Dodson, and I give my review of Uncanny X-Men 502.

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