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Comic Book Noise 142: Forums and Feedback

I explain what happened with the Comic Book Noise forum, play a song that has nothing to do with what I was talking about, explain a comment I made on a previous episode and talk a little about Love and Rockets: The New Stories.

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Marvel Noise Episode 49

We’re back with Pat, Mike, and Steve as they bring you the new releases, current events, movie news, and flashbacks.  And for some reason, our host goes on about Comic Book Noise 136.  Again.

X-Men: Supernovas, Wolverine, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Immortal Iron Fist, Marvel Boy, and New X-Men are discussed.

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Salient, Tightrope (http://www.salientband.com/)

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Marvel items on sale, 9/24/08

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Angel Revelations #5 $3.99
Avengers The Initiative #17 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Black Panther Vol 4 #41 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Black Panther Back To Africa TP $16.99
Cable Vol 1 Messiah War HC $19.99
Captain America Vol 5 #42 $2.99
Daredevil Vol 2 #111 Incentive David Aja Variant Cover – [PI]
Daredevil Vol 2 #111 Regular Marko Djurdjevic Cover $2.99
Daredevil Vol 2 #111 Regular Terry Dodson Cover $2.99
Deadpool Vol 3 #2 Incentive Ed McGuinness Variant Cover (Secret Invasion Tie-In) – [PI]
Deadpool Vol 3 #2 Regular Clayton Crain Cover (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Fantastic Four True Story #3 $2.99
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Hulk Vol 2 #6 Incentive Michael Turner Variant Cover – [PI]
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Hulk Vol 2 #6 Regular Cover B Red Hulk $2.99
Immortal Iron Fist Orson Randall And The Death Queen Of California $3.99
Iron Man Legacy Of Doom HC $19.99
Marvel 1985 #5 $3.99
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #40 $2.99
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #3 $2.99
Marvel Boy HC Book Market Edition $24.99
Marvel Illustrated Moby Dick HC $19.99
Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Heroes Vol 3 HC Regular Dust Jacket $59.99
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Marvel Monsters Poster Book $6.99
Ms Marvel Vol 2 #31 Incentive Monkey Variant Cover – [PI]
Ms Marvel Vol 2 #31 Regular Frank Martin Jr Cover $2.99
New Avengers #45 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
New Warriors Vol 4 #16 $2.99
Nova Vol 4 #17 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Powers Vol 2 #30 $3.95
Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe New Edition 2nd Ptg Steve Dillon Variant Cover $4.99
Runaways Vol 3 #2 $2.99
Samurai Legend #1 Regular Frederic Genet Cover $5.99
Samurai Legend #1 Variant US Exclusive Cover $5.99
Secret Invasion #3 3rd Ptg Leinil Francis Yu Sketch Variant Cover $3.99
Secret Invasion Amazing Spider-Man #2 $2.99
Secret Invasion Inhumans #1 2nd Ptg Tom Raney Variant Cover $2.99
Secret Invasion Thor #1 2nd Ptg Doug Braithwaite Variant Cover $2.99
Secret Invasion X-Men #1 2nd Ptg Cary Nord Variant Cover (X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In) $2.99
She-Hulk 2 #33 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Skaar Son Of Hulk Presents Savage World Of Sakaar #1 $3.99
Spider-Man Family Itsy-Bitsy Battles TP Digest $9.99
Thunderbolts #124 (Secret Invasion Tie-In) $2.99
Ultimate Fantastic Four X-Men Annual #1 $3.99
Ultimate Spider-Man #126 $2.99
Ultimates 3 #5 Cover A $2.99
Ultimates 3 #5 Cover B $2.99
Uncanny X-Men Divided We Stand TP $12.99
Wolverine First Class #7 $2.99
Wolverine First Class Rookie TP $12.99
Wolverine Origins #28 $2.99
Wolverine Roar $3.99
X-Factor Vol 5 Only Game In Town HC $19.99
X-Force Vol 3 #7 $2.99
X-Men Legacy #216 $2.99

Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine #72 Black Widow $12.00
Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine #73 Kang $12.00

Product Updates:

  • The Cable Premiere HC Vol. 01: Messiah War (JUL082383D, $19.99; FOC 08/21/08) will run 128 pages, not 120 pages.
  • Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #40 (JUL082290D, $2.99; FOC 09/04/08) will have art by Matteo Lolli and Scott Koblish, not Ronan Cliquet.
  • The Marvel Illustrated Premiere HC: Moby Dick (JUL08-2395D, $19.99; FOC 08/14/08) will be 152 pages, not 144 pages.
  • Secret Invasion: Spider-Man-Brand New Day (#1: JUN082356D, FOC 08/07/08; #2: JUL082313D, FOC 09/04/08; $2.99 ea.) has been retitled Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #1 & #2.
  • Skaar: Son of Hulk Presents Savage World #1 (JUL082339D, $3.99; FOC 09/04/08) will have art by Gabriel Hardman and Timothy Green III along with Carlo Pagulayan.
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four/X-Men Annual #1 (JUL082260D, $3.99; FOC 09/04/08) will have art by Brandon Peterson and Eric Nguyen, not Eric Basaldua.
  • Wolverine: First Class #7 (JUL082365D, $2.99; FOC 09/04/08) will have pencils by Steve Cummings, not Michael Golden.
  • X-Men: Legacy #216 (JUL082349D, $2.99, FOC 09/04/08) will have art by Phil Briones, not Scot Eaton.

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11 O’Clock Comics Episode 19 appearance

Chris Marshall (from the Collected Comics Library) and I appeared on the nineteenth episode of 11 O’Clock Comics with Vince B, Christopher Neseman (also from Around Comics), David A Price (also from Marvel Noise and Mage:The Hero Discussed). It was cool hanging out with the A List comic book podcasters, even though I probably came off as an asshole a couple of times.

Anyway, here are the shownotes and links:
Sitting in for a vacationing Jason Wood, Derek (Comic Book Noise) Coward and Chris (Collected Comics Library) Marshall help us talk about Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D, Humberto Ramos, Lucha Libre, collecting Final Crisis, DC/Wildstorm: Dream War, Jason Aaron’s Ghost Rider, Marvel’s X-books, Punisher Max, Library Binding, the Monster Times, First Flight of the Phantom Eagle, Chuck Austin’s War Machine, the Luna Brothers’ Sword and Girls, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Comic Book Comics from Evil Twin Comics, Glamourpuss, Give Me Liberty, more Final Crisis, Tim Sale, and a whole mess more. Plus! Listener email and a trio of calls to the 11 O’C Hotline!

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Indie Comic Book Noise 208: Silver Lined Clouds

In this week’s segment of Small Press Comic Book Noise, Bruce talks about Juan Ortiz and Silver Comics. As for the rest of the show:

Stimulus checks
Skype = terrorists?
silver lined clouds
link farms and domain kiting
the history of boxxonline.com
budget for comics
Angie’s quandary
Should Angie read Godland
Deliberate Noise 104: The short music-less version
Flat tire soliloquy and why I need to record everything
This week’s releases
David A Price, Angela Paman and Stephen Coward
The work of Alan Moore
Remembering Inferno
What Angie WANTED to talk about
What to get out of San Diego
First Light from DCBS
Hellboy II: The Golden Army review

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Indie Comic Book Noise 207: Plans For The Grandkids

Talk about the weather
$1 trades
bag things about Bruce Jones
Days Like This
Dioramas: A Love Story
Lost At Sea
New X-Men Vol 5
Contrary Coward talks about Books of the Month
What I got last week
What Angie got last week
Our weekends
Hancock review
Starbucks vs Dunkin Donuts
Going to Canada
Social Network overload
No Dunkin Donuts in California until 2010
Countdown/Final Crisis rant
Lateness vs consistent art
Hilarity ensues
My hope for Final Crisis
Angela’s grandkids
Awkwardness ensues
What Angie’s getting
Conan had a comic book?
Regarding Henry: The Further Adventures
Well I thought it was funny
Free Pints for Alan Moore
Love for Andy Diggle
David not Dave or Davey and Calling it a show.

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Comic Book Noise 124: Epiphanies

I give advice to publishers who are redefining their universes and mention a new podcast.

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Requesting opinions on a possible format change

I am thinking about shaking up the format of the show a bit.  I have been having a ball talking to Angie on Indie Comic Book Noise, I had fun hosting the World War Hulk shows with Tim Terrell and I am planning on having a special guest co-host on an irregular basis (Hint:  His name rhymes with Reter Pios), but I was wondering if I should have rotating guest co-hosts.  For example, Angie on an episode, then Pios on the next, David A Price, then Mike Myers, et cetera and so on and so forth.  Sort of like Comic Timing, but with one person.

This is just something that has been going through my sleep deprived mind right now.  What do you think?

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