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Comic Book Noise 779: Upcoming X-Movies, Plastic Man, and Shared Universes

Host Derek Coward thanks the patrons of the show before talking about some possible files from Fox related to the X-Men Cinematic Universe, the origin of Plastic Man, Titans #10 featuring the Fearsome Five, and finishes by asking the question “How closely tied does a shared universe have to be?”

Police Comics #1 (1941)

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Comic Book Noise 725: Suicide Squad Reviews and The Official Answer To Every Question

Host Derek Coward talks about the savage reviews of Suicide Squad, why he doesn’t take movie reviews seriously at all, and gives the Official Comic Book Noise answer to any and all questions.
suicide squad

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Comic Book Noise 543: Ant-Man Box Office and Marvel’s Hip Hop Covers

Host Derek Coward talks about the first week box office numbers for Ant-Man, Marvel’s plans for their hip-hop covers, and part of why the forum community has lost its luster for him.

Forgot to mention I still haven't seen Ant-Man yet.
Forgot to mention I still haven’t seen Ant-Man yet.

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Comic Book Noise 451: Arrow, Domino, and Marvel’s Avengers Alliance

Host Derek Coward talks about missing Arrow, Domino cast in the upcoming Deadpool movie, and the latest in the Facebook game Marvel’s Avengers Alliance. He gets it done in less than 4 minutes (not counting theme music). The episode is short but sweet.

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Really Cool Cover

As most of the long time listeners of Comic Book Noise know, I’m not a fan of the artwork of Humberto Ramos. However, I will admit when I see a really cool cover by someone I’m not a fan of. That said, ladies and gentlemen, the cover to Deadpool Team-Up 897 is pretty damn cool looking.

Ramos’ anatomical exaggerations work perfectly with the otherworldliness of the two Ghost Riders. Deadpool’s pointy chin and oversized feet look like they fit in as well. I’m not sure where they are heading or what they are doing, but this cover makes me interested in finding out. Almost interested enough in actually reading a Deadpool story, but not quite. My only question is, if Blaze and Ketch are on motorcycles, does Deadpool really intend on jumping up and down until the three of them get to where they need to be?

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Geek Brunch 99 – Mashed Potatoes with Red Chili

The gang is back after a long hiatus. Mike Myers, Luke Foster and Ryan King talk about Criminal Sinners, Marvel The List books, Deadpool, Shang-Chi, Green Arrow/Black Canary, Booster Gold, I Kill Giants, Hulk Books, Son of Hulk, Skaar, Guardians of the Galaxy, War of Kings, Nova, Scalped, Unknown Soldier, Marvel 2099, Judgment Day and a special Hulk announcement. We discuss top Christmas shows, Monk, The Office, White Collar, Lost, some movie talk and lots of food. Eric Martin, we love you and miss you very much.

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