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Comic Book Noise 647: Spoiling Supergirl, Reconsidering Civil War 2, and Love and Rockets

Host Derek Coward talks about the spoiling of a cool moment on the latest episode of Supergirl (by someone else), why he’s changed his mind and is looking forward to Civil War 2, the most egregious example of dickish driving behavior, and growing older with Maggie and Hopey.

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Comic Book Noise 321: Infinity #6

Host Derek Coward talks about the ending to Marvel’s Infinity crossover event.

Here is the link to Scott Cederlund’s post that I mentioned in the episode:

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Comic Book Noise 241: Exits, Fill-Ins and Free Ideas

Host Derek Coward talks about why he quit the 2 People Talking podcast, briefly reviews Saga of Swamp Thing 33 and gives an idea for a new comic book podcast that he hopes somebody else does soon.

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Comic Book Noise Episode 222: Lots Of Noise

Host Derek Coward takes a bunch of short segments that were recorded at a bunch of different times and strings them together to make an episode where he talks about Pride of Baghdad, Knight and Squire, recent comic book purchases, fulfilled obligations and his Top Three favorite inkers of all time.

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2 People Talking 56 – Derek Loves Dexter Vines Inks

In this podcast, hosts Derek Coward and Angela talk about mixed drinks, driving lessons, a day at Dodger Stadium, comic books, tattoos, Mike Myers, Eric Martin, David A Price, comicbooknoisefamily.com and play a song called Lady Labyrinth by Ludovico Einaudi.

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