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Comic Book Noise 232: Talking about Dwayne McDuffie, Brad Meltzer and The Justice League

Host Derek Coward talks about the passing of Dwayne McDuffie, his appreciation for Brad Meltzer, long time love for the Justice League of America, and does it all while driving around, running errands and taking care of business.

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Quick Review of Milestone Forever 2

Great ending to a story I wish wasn’t ending. McDuffie ended the characters of Hardware and Static by taking their stories to completion in a satisfying way. No matter what DC does with characters of the same look and name doesn’t really matter to me because “my” Milestone ended with this issue.

I remember when Crisis Of Infinite Earths ended and a lot of old timers at my comic shop were griping about all of the changes, while I saw the same changes as something that made me excited to read the next issue of any and everything DC decided to publish. Now that Milestone is done, I haven’t made up my mind if I am going to be a griping old timer or someone who is excited to see what happens with these characters now. Like I keep saying, it all depends on what DC does next.

Highly recommended.

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Comic Book Noise Bytes – September 26, 2007

TOP – Justice League Of America 13
BOP – Astounding Wolf-Man 3
ROW – The Joker Origin backup story from Countdown 31

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