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Comic Book Noise 186: Six Great Comic Books

Host Derek Coward talks about six great (not just good) comic books:
Planetary #27
Ignition City #5 (And I made a HUGE misspeak in this review. Let me know if you can tell what it was.)
Zero Killer #6
Buck Rogers #5
Dynamo 5 #25
Madame Xanadu #16

I also take a quick look at Marvel Previews.

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What I Got – 8/11/2009

I will probably be going back to Detroit Comics to pick up some comic books today, but I went yesterday because I had a little bit of time and got:

Wednesday Comics #4 (DC)
Wednesday Comics #5 (DC)
Proof #22 (Image)
Dynamo5 #23 (Image)
Mysterius The Unfathomable #3 (Wildstorm)*
Groom Lake #4 (IDW)**
Atomic Robo: Shadow From Beyond Time #3 of 5 (Red 5 Comics)
Madame Xanadu #13 (Vertigo)***

Once again, nothing from Marvel or Dark Horse, but a bit more surprising to me, nothing from Dynamite Entertainment. This is the first time in a long time that I don’t remember getting anything from Dynamite.

* – I read the first issue, but can’t find the second one. I’m not sure if it is necessary in order to understand the rest of the series, but I guess I’ll find out soon.

** – I still can’t find the first two issues. I might switch this to trades.

*** – The Michael Wm. Kaluta art is starting to grow on me, but I want Amy Reeder Hadley back. I wonder if it is possible to have them alternate storylines or one do covers while the other one does interiors. Yeah, I know I’m being greedy.

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More Comic Books For Me

After a weekend of buying comic books at Heroes Con and then going to Detroit Comics, I was pleasantly surprised when I got a package of comic books that I bought from Heath Holland a while back.

Here’s what I picked up:
Heartbreak Soup: A Love and Rockets Book (Yes, this is the fourth time I have bought this particular story, but it is one of the best stories of all time) TPB
Arana Vol. 1 Digest
Arana Vol. 2 Digest
Dynamo 5: Post-Nuclear Family Vol. 1 TPB
Justice Vol 1 HC

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What I Got This Week – 4/22

This was a very light week for me.

Buck Rogers #0 (Dynamite Entertainment) – This is being added to my pull list, along with the new Sherlock Holmes book that was advertised in the book.

The Boys #29 (Dynamite Entertainment) – I need to switch over to trades on this. It’s not that I don’t want to get the individual issues, it’s just that I miss too many of them in a row, so while I get the gist of the stories, I ALWAYS feel as though I have missed something. Maybe if I read the whole storyline in one sitting it will make more
sense to me.

Dynamo5 #21 (Image Comics) – I’m still digging this series and since I can’t have anymore Noble Causes (by the way the second Archive will be coming out soon) this is a pretty good substitute. I take that back. This isn’t a substitute as much as it is a replacement and we all know how I feel about The Replacements.

That’s it. No DC. No Marvel. No Dark Horse. No IDW.

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My Pull List

One of the benefits of being employed is being able to afford comic books. Here is my new pull list with Detroit Comics:

The Perhapanauts (Image Comics): Probably the most underrated book being printed by one of the big companies. On top of being underrated, it is also one of the most fun.

Proof (Image Comics): There are a few elements that are very similar to The Perhapanauts, but in a much grittier way.

The Sword (Image Comics): The Luna Brothers are “go-to”s for me. Meaning, if they put it out, I’m in it for the long haul.

Madame Xanadu (Vertigo): Oddly, this is the only thing that I will be getting on a regular basis from either of the Big Two.

Nexus – (Rude Dude Productions) [not the Dark Horse stuff]: Nothing against the reprints that DH is doing, but I have the vast majority of that stuff and want to see where the story is heading.

Dynamo 5 (Image Comics): I am chuffed that Noble Causes is no more (Thanks to Barry Nugent for introducing me to the word ‘chuffed’), but this is a good substitute.

True Story Swear To God (Image Comics): One of my favorite comic books. Period.

The X-Files (Wildstorm): I have always liked the comic book version of the show than the actual TV show itself, so why not check it out?

The Walking Dead trades (Image Comics): I started reading it in trade and I see no reason to go to single issues. And I don’t want to wait for the super deluxe hardcover editions. This is perfect for me.

Atomic Robo (Red5 Comics): I like the stuff that Red5 puts out, but I cannot afford to get it all, so I want to get the best of the best. That includes this title.

Neozoic (Red5 Comics): See Atomic Robo.

Fell (Image Comics): Even if it didn’t cost $1.99, even if I didn’t do the Fellcast, even if none of that stuff matters, I would still have this on my pull list because there is only so much ass to kick and this book has the market cornered.

Love & Rockets: The New Stories (Fantagraphics): I love Love and Rockets. I would rocket it too, if I knew what that meant.

Potter’s Field (BOOM! Studios): This is one of the books that made me a Mark Waid fan and it only took about twenty years.

The Boys (Dynamite Entertainment): One of the funniest comic books out there and I don’t necessarily like funny comic books.

Groom Lake (IDW): I have seen some of the Ben Templesmith artwork and if that wasn’t enough to sell me on the project, my buddies over at 11 O’Clock Comics sweet talked me into getting it.

This list may change depending on what DC decides to do with the Legion, what Matt Wagner decides to do with Grendel and of course, when the next part of the Mage saga comes out.

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Indie Comic Book Noise 212: Angie Loves Gerry Alanguilan Artwork

Bruce Rosenberger returns with a look at the work of Jeremy Massie, Angie and Derek talk about apologies, Angie’s Stuff It Sale haul, “Really? Why? Really? Where?”, Nexus history, Burn Notice recommendation, Bubba Ho-Tep, Rick Remender, BTVS and Joss Whedon, Are the waits for late comics ever really worth it?, Angela ruins diets, Angela hates blondes, The return of Milestone, Musical Interlude, Batman: Joker’s Asylum recommendation, The Boy Who Made Silence trade?, Young Liars recommendation, Gerry Alanguilan history, No Madman Atomic Comics for Angela, The Perhapanauts Vol 1 recommendation, What Derek is loving, Greatest American Hero, Freakangels recommendation, Love and Capes recommendation, Spy School, The Odd Squad, AmericaJr.net, Black Terror, God The Dyslexic Dog, Rick Remender, What Angie Wanted To Talk About and Asobi Seksu.

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13 Quick Reviews – 12/19/2007

Ultimates 3 #1 (of 6) – I really really liked The Ultimates. I really liked The Ultimates 2. I don’t like The Ultimates 3. I don’t know why, but I just don’t like this issue. Recommendation: Avoid this thing.

The Twelve #0 – This is a reprint of some Golden Age stuff. I found the artist’s notes to be the most interesting part of the whole book, even more than the preview of issue 1. Recommendation: Wait until it is part of a trade to get.

Northlanders #1 – The first issue was pretty good, but the story lost me at the last few pages. Lost me, as in ‘I have no idea what’s going on’. I’ll at least pick up the next issue. Recommendation: Worth getting if only to satisfy your curiosity.

Dynamo 5 #9 – Very good. I like the way they mix an ongoing story with what could easily be a one and done. Recommendation: Pick it up.

Tales of The Sinestro Green Lantern Corps: Ion #1 – I’m a little confused about the exact name of the book. The cover has the words Green Lantern covering Sinestro, but the indicia on the inside of the book says Tales of The Sinestro Corps: Ion. Weird. Anyway, the writing is typical Ron Marz with a look into the mind of Kyle Rayner. I really liked the artwork and I had never heard of Michel Lacombe before. Recommendation: Pick it up.

Green Lantern Corps #19 – This is the epilogue of the excellent Sinestro Corps War. It was a cool down issue, with the characters and the reader being able to catch their breath before setting up the next big threat. Recommendation: Pick it up

Green Lantern Corps #18 – This is the penultimate chapter to the entire Sinestro Corps War and features a fight to the finish between Ion and Superman-Prime. Recommendation: Get it now.

The Sword #3 – Excellent issue that deepens the mystery. I really dig the story and where it is going. Once again the artwork is perfect. Recommendation: Pick it up.

The Vinyl Underground #3 – I’m not sure why I like this book so much, but I do. I just hope that I still like it after the first storyarc is done. I can see the ‘will they won’t they’ aspect of the Abi-Mozza relationship getting really old really quick. Recommendation: Get it if you come across it.

Atomic Robo #3 (of 6) – I’m not sure if I like the ending to the main story, but I really like this title. I really wish that it wasn’t ending at six issues. Here’s hoping that it is successful enough to warrant an Atomic Robo 2 miniseries or ongoing. Recommendation: Get it now.

Lazarus #2 (of 3) – Odd title. Worth picking up, but very odd. Recommendation: Pick it up.

Suburban Glamour #2 (of 4) – Excellent. I love this book. I love the writing and the artwork and I cannot wait to get the rest of the story. Recommendation: Get it now.


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