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Review of Girl Comics 1

Like a lot of people, I’m not that fond of the name, but since I don’t judge a book by its cover (Unless the cover says “Anybody Who Buys This Is A Pedophile And An Asshole”, then I would probably think twice about picking it up), I picked it up off the shelf.

It is an anthology, so it was up and down in terms of my likes and dislikes, but overall I liked it:

I liked the intro by Colleen Coover.

I didn’t like ‘Moritat’ by G. Willow Wilson/Ming Doyle/Cris Peter/Kathleen Marinaccio, but that’s because I don’t like comic book stories that heavily utilize musical performances. The artwork was very Paul Pope-ish, though.

I liked the Venus story by Trina Robbins/Stephanie Buscema/Kristyn Ferretti because I think stories about people from the past fitting into current times are usually funny.

I liked the spotlight on Flo Steinberg, who I remembered from What If #11, but had no idea who she really was.

I liked ‘A Brief Rendezvous’ by Valerie d’Orazio/Nikki Cook/Elizabeth Breitweiser/Kristyn Ferretti because it is always nice to see what The Punisher does with his off time.

I didn’t like the She-Hulk pin-up by Sana Takeda because her hand-foot was distracting and I think if a male artist had drawn this particular picture he would have been raked over the coals for it.

I liked ‘Shop Doc’ by Lucy Knisley, I thought it was cute.

I liked the spotlight on Marie Severin. She’s Marie Severin, who wouldn’t?

I skipped over ‘Clockwork Nightmare’ by Robin Furth/Agnes Garbowska/Kristyn Ferretti for the same reason I didn’t like ‘Moritat’, only instead of a musical performance, this seemed like it was poetry.

I liked ‘Head Space’ by Devin Grayson/Emma Rios/Barbara Ciardo/Kathleen Marinaccio. I have always thought she spent too much time exploring relationships between characters rather than the characters themselves and as a result, I haven’t been a big fan of her work. She does the same thing in this story, but it makes sense since it was a story about a relationship. Of course, she makes my favorite X-Man look like a little bitch, but then again, almost all writers make him look like a little bitch.

I know a lot of people will pass on this book because of the “high price tag” and I’m not sure what kind of business it will do in trade, but I don’t feel like I got ripped off and I’m looking forward to the other two issues in the miniseries.

Also, I love the cover by Amanda Conner and Laura Martin.


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Marvel Noise Episode 62

punisher1mckoneShort and sweet with reprinty goodness!  Pat, Dave, and Steve offer up so goodies for you to sink your ears into.  1983 is a very good year.  Plus: Feedback!

Titles mentioned include X-Men: First Class Giant-Size Special, Secret Invasion: Requiem, Thor God-Size Special, Captain America: Theater of War: Operation: Zero Point

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Marvel Spotlight Dark Reign $3.99
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Product Updates:

  • The Infinity Crusade TP Vol. 02 (NOV082472D, $29.99) will have 240 pages, not 248.
  • Marvel Spotlight: Dark Reign DKR (NOV082335D, $3.99) will have a cover by Yanick Paquette, not Adi Granov.
  • The New Avengers HC: Vol. 09: Secret Invasion (OCT082505D, $19.99; FOC 11/20/08) will be 128 pages, not 120 pages.
  • Punisher #1 DKR (NOV082394D, $3.99) will carry a Parental Advisory, not a T+ rating.
  • The Secret Invasion TP (NOV082460D, $29.99; FOC 12/11/08) will have 248 pages, not 200 pages.
  • The Spider-Man Premiere HC: Blue (OCT082513D, $24.99) will be 168 pages, not 160 pages.
  • The Black & White Premiere HCs of Spider-Man: Blue (OCT08-2514D, $24.99) and Daredevil: Yellow (SEP082450D, $24.99) have been cancelled.
  • The Super Hero Squad One-shot (NOV082321D, $3.99; FOC 12/18/08) will now be titled Marvel Super Hero Squad: Hero Up.
  • The Ultimate Origins HC (Premier/Direct Mkt. Eds.: OCT082499-500D, $24.99 ea.; FOC 12/04/08) will be 128 pages.
  • The Universal War One Premiere HC Vol. 01 (MR) (OCT082521D, $24.99; FOC 11/06/08) will be 152 pages, not 144.
  • Wolverine: Switchback (NOV082419D, $3.99; FOC 12/18/08) will also contain a backup story by writer Gregg Hurwitz and artist Juan Doe entitled Wolverine: Punching Bag.

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