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Comic Book Noise 250: Top Five Favorite X-Men Villains

Host Derek Coward talks about the history of some of the Comic Book Noise family shows, then goes over his top five favorite X-Men villains.

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DC Noise Episode 63: Eric Martin Tribute Part 1

DC Noise pays tribute to co-host and friend Eric Martin. Eric Martin co-host of DC Noise died of a heart attack way to early in his life. Several podcasters and friends left tribute messages for Eric at the beginning of the episode. It is the followed by our episode 63 with Eric Martin. This was recorded the Saturday before Eric passed away and we discussed Previews, and several other DC Comics like:

Justice League of America 38
Justice Society of America 32
Last Days of Animal Man 6
JSA vs. Kobra 5
Detective Comics 858
Batman and Robin 5

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2 People Talking 36: Angela Loves The Cosby Show

Hosts Derek Coward and Angela talk about a lot of stuff including The Death of Eric Martin, Last Days of Animal Man, Mad Men Season One, the Star Trek movie, The Prisoner on AMC, Thanksgiving, sick dogs, Essential 80s movies, TV shows and Dating advice from your Uncle Derek.

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R.I.P. Eric Martin

The following was posted on Eric Martin’s Facebook page:

My name is Michael Martin, I am Eric’s brother. I hate to pass this information so informally but I didn’t know any other way to reach many of Eric’s friends. My brother Eric died yesterday (Nov 18th) in his sleep from a massive heart attack. I dont have any information regarding his arrangements but you can all rest assured his wishes are being carried out.

The Comic Book Noise Family extends their most heartfelt condolences to Eric’s family and will be observing a week of Mourning.


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Geek Brunch Episode 93: The Cleanest Bathroom Ever

Mike, Micah (Do_What?) and Eric Martin (The Question) cruise down NORTH 40 to meet some Inglorious Bastards while Peter Parker is getting screwed by The Chameleon. The guys pop open their Umbrellas during the Dark Reign to visit Matt Murdock and the Ultimate Universe. The guys team up with Metalocalypse and the Goon. We also travel to DISTRICT 9 to have some Alligator Bites and Pancakes. Some Comic Shop talk about the Corps Rings distribution and much much more comics, tv and movies. Another marathon and why Micah is the master of Bleach.

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DC Noise Episode 23: Trinity 25-27

In a much shorter than usual episode, Mike and Eric discuss the following Trinity issues with full spoilers.

Trinity 25 – 00:00:51 to 00:14:02
Trinity 26 – 00:14:02 to 00:23:00
Trinity 27 – 00:23:00 to 00:33:39

We also discuss with little or no spoilers Warlord #16, along with some of the back matter of that issue. And chat about some other random items such as Batman: The Brave and The Bold cartoon, Batgirl and Death of the New Gods.

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DC Noise Episode 22: New Krypton Parts 4 Through 7

We are back and it’s the first DC Noise of 2009, hopefully with no more delays for a long while. Happy New Year from Mike and Eric! Join us as we discuss New Krypton parts 4 through 7 and learn a little about the Creature Commandos and Ultra the Multi-Alien.

Spoilers with Time Stamps:
Action Comics #871  – 00:01:04 to 00:09:27
Supergirl #35 – 00:09:27 to 00:21:05
Superman #682 – 00:21:05 to 00:32:28
Action Comics #872 – 00:33:15 to 00:50:49


Image courtesy of DCComics.com

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DC Noise Episode 21: December 2008 Previews and Batman

Mike and Eric are back from their break with a look at the December issue of Previews for the DC books coming out in February 2009. Small spoiler section for Batman R.I.P. from 00:04:39 to 00:07:53.

After that, Mike learns what a merkin is. And you can too if you join us for our spoiler-filed look at Batman: Cacophony from 00:46:54 to 01:03:49

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