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2 People Talking 7: Angie Loves The New Star Trek Movie

Hosts Angela Paman and Derek Coward talk about a lot of things including a review of Star Trek, a review of Frost/Nixon, a review of The Wrestler, Nicolas Cage, cell phone carrier disputes, the conversation about loved ones on Facebook continues and Derek gives a piece of advice to people who look to him for empty rants. This show is probably NOT safe for work.

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The music (played with the permission of the record company Sounds Are Active:
k.Rza – Nurban Gowns
Bizzart – Matriksoxide

Soul-Junk – Horse Posing As Unicorn

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Indie Comic Book Noise 220: Angie Loves Queen and Country

No Bruce this episode.
What we’ve been up to.
The Facebook Conversation.
Queen and Country
Oni Press Sale
Top Shelf Sale
Comics Foundry RIP
Minx Line RIP
Starving dogs
I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness – According To Plan
Queen and Country redux
Marvel and DC’s lack of compelling titles
Low sales figures can still be a success
Pushing Daisies RIP and some TV talk
Scheduling difficulties

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