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DC Noise Episode 29: Final Crisis Wrap-up

Mike and Eric are back. Eric is sick. But not too sick to talk about Blue Beetle 35, Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the February 2009 edition of Previews at the top of the show. We wrap things up with discussion of the finales to Final Crisis and Final Crisis: Revelations.

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D #2 – 00:39:33 to 00:50:27
Final Crisis #7 – 00:50:27 to 01:23:55
Final Crisis: Revelations #5 – 01:28:55 to 01:32:59

Image originally found on dccomics.com
Image originally found on dccomics.com

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DC Noise Episode 27: Final Crisis 5 and 6

Join hosts Mike and Eric for our in-depth, spoiler filled look at the following titles:

Final Crisis: Revelations #4 – 00:01:02 to 00:16:51 (Be aware that there is a Smallville tangent in this segment as well.)
Final Crisis #5 – 00:16:51 to 00:44:40
Final Crisis #6 – 00:44:40 to 01:12:12
Final Crisis: Secret Files – 01:12:12: to 01:26:11

We close the show with some comments about the Batman: The Brave and The Bold animated series as well as some Teen Titans discussion.

WARNING: This episode contains some strong language!

final crisis secret files

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DC Noise Episode 14: Final Crisis Revelations 2

This episode, Mike and Eric review Rann-Thanagar Holy War 4, Adam Strange Special and Final Crisis Revelations 2. At the bottom of the show, they also get into some random comics talk about Final Crisis, O.M.A.C. and Gotham Central, as well as some convention talk.

Review times:
Rann Thanagar Holy War #4 from 00:01:09 to 00:16:08
Adam Strange Special from 00:16:08 to 00:27:12
Final Crisis Revelations #2 from 00:27:14 to 00:43:24

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DC Noise Episode 10: Final Crisis 3 and Final Crisis Revelations 1

This episode, Mike and Eric briefly discuss the Final Crisis #1 Directors Cut and a couple of the reveals within. For our reviews, we cover with full spoilers Final Crisis # 3 (6:10 to 32:37) and Final Crisis: Revelations #1 (34:00 to 55:06)

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