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DC Noise Episode 29: Final Crisis Wrap-up

Mike and Eric are back. Eric is sick. But not too sick to talk about Blue Beetle 35, Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the February 2009 edition of Previews at the top of the show. We wrap things up with discussion of the finales to Final Crisis and Final Crisis: Revelations.

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D #2 – 00:39:33 to 00:50:27
Final Crisis #7 – 00:50:27 to 01:23:55
Final Crisis: Revelations #5 – 01:28:55 to 01:32:59

Image originally found on dccomics.com
Image originally found on dccomics.com

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DC Noise Episode 11: September 2008 Previews

Mike and Eric begin the show with a look at the September 2008 Previews catalog, which leads into some ranting on action figures and their availability or lack thereof at retail stores. Starting at 54:05, Eric talks about some of his recent reads of the Doom Patrol trades volumes 4 and 5 written by Grant Morrison. Spoilers for Doom Patrol #45 titled “The Beard Hunter”. We also talk about The Exterminators volumes 1 and 2 with some mild spoilers.

For our regular review features, the guys cover:
Final Crisis Superman Beyond 3-D #1 from 01:01:35 to 01:14:28
Trinity #13 from 01:14:31 to 01:27:56
Trinity #14 from 01:27:58 to 01:36:34

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11 O’Clock Comics Episode 19 appearance

Chris Marshall (from the Collected Comics Library) and I appeared on the nineteenth episode of 11 O’Clock Comics with Vince B, Christopher Neseman (also from Around Comics), David A Price (also from Marvel Noise and Mage:The Hero Discussed). It was cool hanging out with the A List comic book podcasters, even though I probably came off as an asshole a couple of times.

Anyway, here are the shownotes and links:
Sitting in for a vacationing Jason Wood, Derek (Comic Book Noise) Coward and Chris (Collected Comics Library) Marshall help us talk about Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D, Humberto Ramos, Lucha Libre, collecting Final Crisis, DC/Wildstorm: Dream War, Jason Aaron’s Ghost Rider, Marvel’s X-books, Punisher Max, Library Binding, the Monster Times, First Flight of the Phantom Eagle, Chuck Austin’s War Machine, the Luna Brothers’ Sword and Girls, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Comic Book Comics from Evil Twin Comics, Glamourpuss, Give Me Liberty, more Final Crisis, Tim Sale, and a whole mess more. Plus! Listener email and a trio of calls to the 11 O’C Hotline!

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