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DC Noise Episode 4: Or is that Vol. 2, Episode 1?

DC Noise is back! Call this Episode 4 or Volume 2, Episode 1. Whatever you want to call it you have new hosts Mike Myers and Eric Martin talking DC Comics!

In this episode we start out talking about our history of reading DC Comics, and what we like about DC. Then we go into spoiler filled reviews of Final Crisis 1 and 2. After that we take a break to talk about the DC Comics listed in the July 2008 issue of Previews. And finally we wrap it up with sort of free form discussion about Trinity 1 through 4. There are some spoilers in that segment too.

Our theme music is Liquid Butterfly by Ciruelo Cilindrico, and is licensed through Creative Commons.

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Indie Comic Book Noise 207: Plans For The Grandkids

Talk about the weather
$1 trades
bag things about Bruce Jones
Days Like This
Dioramas: A Love Story
Lost At Sea
New X-Men Vol 5
Contrary Coward talks about Books of the Month
What I got last week
What Angie got last week
Our weekends
Hancock review
Starbucks vs Dunkin Donuts
Going to Canada
Social Network overload
No Dunkin Donuts in California until 2010
Countdown/Final Crisis rant
Lateness vs consistent art
Hilarity ensues
My hope for Final Crisis
Angela’s grandkids
Awkwardness ensues
What Angie’s getting
Conan had a comic book?
Regarding Henry: The Further Adventures
Well I thought it was funny
Free Pints for Alan Moore
Love for Andy Diggle
David not Dave or Davey and Calling it a show.

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Indie Comic Book Noise 203: Early Morning Cleverness

Bruce Rosenberger presents a belated review of The Ineffables, while Derek and Angie Angela talk about Privacy, Learning new things, Communicating with others,the new forums, dreaming about twitter, Scott Pilgrim (4 volumes), Detroit sports, Mel Brooks movies, Mystery character, Hockey talk, Podcast show length, Final Crisis, LA Sports, Sports Celebration, Minx/Vertigo, The works of Alan Moore, Top Chef/Kryptographik, Phil Noto Love, LCS Reality Show, Image Comics,
Comic Addiction, Gods of Geek and HudsonWrites.com.

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Here is the information about The Ineffables:

Hey there-

Thanks, and sorry for the delay getting back to you. After experiencing some problems with my web site I switched the forwarding over to my comicspace page and haven’t got around to rebuilding. Here’s a price list for various stuff:

issues 1-3: $5 for all three, shipping included.

Political Science tpb: $14 (this tpb does not duplicate any other material that is available)

Secret History of the Ineffables: $3

Payment can be made via paypal to craigbogart@theineffables.com

Thanks again,


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