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Comic Book Noise 142: Forums and Feedback

I explain what happened with the Comic Book Noise forum, play a song that has nothing to do with what I was talking about, explain a comment I made on a previous episode and talk a little about Love and Rockets: The New Stories.

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Comic Book Road Show 9: What A Week To Be Geek

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Show notes:

CBRS is hosted by Lorrie Thomas and Mark Coleman

E-mail: lois_94086@yahoo.com

News and Announcements:

1. Geek Girl Blog at Superheros-r-us.
2. New forum at the Comics forum.
3. Women’s Roundtable on Identity Crisis.
4. New podcast: Podcasting After Dark.

Show Title:

What a week to be geek.

Geek Rant:

No money, no comics!


Review of comics bought this week.

Batman: Detective #847
Final Crisis#3

DC’s new re-vamped website


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