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Comic Book Noise 294: Jim Lee’s Wonder Woman?

At WonderCon this past weekend did Jim Lee really say there are a lot of DC characters he hasn’t really gotten a chance to draw yet, including Wonder Woman? Host Derek Coward certainly hopes so because he recorded 33 minutes of Comic Book Noise talking about the subject and a bunch of other stuff.

Comic Book Noise 294
Comic Book Noise 294

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DC Noise Episode 15: Trinity

This episode finds Mike and Eric talking about the DC solicits in the October 2008 Previews catalog (watch out for spoilers for Action Comics #870 at 00:08:50 to 00:10:26). We then discuss the following:
Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol from 00:33:12 to 00:35:37
Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus volumes 1 and 2 as they relate to Final Crisis from 00:35:37 to 00:40:58
Superman “The Third Kryptonian” story arch in Superman #668-670 from 00:40:58 to 00:42:57
Action Comics #371 (1968) from 00:42:57 to 00:47:54

And for our main feature is:
Trinity 16 – 00:47:55 to 00:59:27
Trinity 17 – 00:59:27 to 01:07:23
Trinity 18 – 01:07:23 to 01:18:23

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