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Comic Book Noise 372: The Cancelation Of The Fantastic Four

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the impending cancelation of the Fantastic Four comic book and how comic book goodness doesn’t always translate into other media.

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DC Noise Episode 11: Trinity 11 and 12

This episode features reviews of Trinity #11 from the top of the show to 17:36, Trinity #12 from 17:38 to 34:00. This is followed by some brief discussion of the Milestone Universe and the upcoming return of these characters to the DC Universe. Then we come back with our review of Hawkman Special #1 from 35:27 to 53:50. And the show is rounded up with some talk about some of the WB’s plans for the future of DC Comics related movies as well as the developing problems between Fox and WB regarding the Watchmen movie.

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