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Indie Comic Book Noise 208: Silver Lined Clouds

In this week’s segment of Small Press Comic Book Noise, Bruce talks about Juan Ortiz and Silver Comics. As for the rest of the show:

Stimulus checks
Skype = terrorists?
silver lined clouds
link farms and domain kiting
the history of boxxonline.com
budget for comics
Angie’s quandary
Should Angie read Godland
Deliberate Noise 104: The short music-less version
Flat tire soliloquy and why I need to record everything
This week’s releases
David A Price, Angela Paman and Stephen Coward
The work of Alan Moore
Remembering Inferno
What Angie WANTED to talk about
What to get out of San Diego
First Light from DCBS
Hellboy II: The Golden Army review

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