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Comic Book Noise 394: The End Of Wonder Woman and The Fall of The Fantastic Four

Host Derek Coward gives his thoughts on the end of Brian Azzarello’s run on Wonder Woman, his initial impression of the upcoming Finch run, as well as his thoughts on the latest installment of The Fall of The Fantastic Four.

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Geek Brunch Episode 95

Mike is joined by Bill (dbm) and Jay (modernlover) from the forums to discuss if Kate from Manhunter is fit to be a mother, why is there so much love for Ragdoll, Jack of Fables, how to walk down the Streets of Glory, how to Hotwire a car, and how the Luna brothers make beautiful kills using a Sword. We also discuss how Archie married into money, how to seek Vengeance during a full Moon, why X-Force is simply one of the best mutant titles out there, what is up with the Bucky from Heroes Reborn, why you would want to have an Executive Assistant, how to use a Mainframe, Absolution vs. being Irredeemable, how to avoid huge mosquitoes from another planet trying to sting you, how to join Sinbad’s group with simply cooking pans, and why you would not want to date Salem’s Daughter. On the TV side we discuss three different opinions of Community, how women pee in a cup (Always Sunny in Philadelphia), how to join a Glee club, and how a Cougar got into Town, and finally how Bill played Rugby and lived to tell about it. We then take a trip down 500 days of Summer, determine what it is like to be a hunter in the night, The Most Dangerous Game, and how the French can freak our shit, what you should not do with a Dead Girl, how to defeat a stink monster (Reeker) at 2:30am, Bromance with I Love You Man, and if you should buy a Surrogate. All this and more as we talk about eating healthy and not eating healthy.

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Comic Book Noise 171: Heroes Con 2009

Host Derek Coward talks about his trip to Charlotte NC for Heroes Con 2009 and ends up reviewing a few comic books including After School Agent, Athena Voltaire, Necessary Evil, Ninjasaur and the awful Heroes Reborn: The Avengers.

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Shamelessly stolen from ComicGeekSpeak.com
Shamelessly stolen from ComicGeekSpeak.com

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Marvel Noise Episode 82

XForce9Host David A. Price takes a week off and let’s Derek Coward take over. Pat Loika talks about the week’s new releases, Steve Raker talks about Marvel in the year 1972 and Derek talks about great Marvel comics from the 90s(!).

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