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Comic Book Noise 442: The Upcoming Roster of DC Titles

Host Derek Coward goes over the listing of upcoming DC Titles and mentions which ones he will probably be trying out.

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Inconsequential Musing: The Hitman Movie

I realize that there was already a movie called “Hitman” based on a video game. If I recall correctly, it did about as much business as one would expect from a video game movie based a video game that not too many people who don’t play video games have heard of.

I also realize that DC would never make a movie based on their comic book ‘Hitman’. In fact the only thing worse than making a video game movie based on a video game that not too many people who don’t play video games have heard of would be making a comic book movie based on a comic book that not too many people who don’t read comic books have heard of. Add the fact that said comic book has been canceled since the early part of 2001 and you have the formula for a movie that will never be made.

‘Hitman’ was created by Garth Ennis and John McCrea for a pretty bad crossover event called ‘Bloodlines’. His real name was Tommy Monaghan and he debuted in 1993 in ‘The Demon Annual’ 2. Tommy Monaghan was not only the best thing to come out of Bloodlines but whenever you hear people talking about how bad the 90s were for comic books, you can best believe that they are NOT talking about ‘Hitman’ and if they are, they just might be insane. ‘Hitman’ is the adventures of Tommy and his best friend Natt The Hat, another hired gun.

As I was entering found comic books into my database, I came across a small Hitman run and starting thinking “If they ever made a Hitman movie, who would be Tommy and Natt?”

I would choose Eddie Cahill from CSI:NY for Tommy because he is a big guy (6′ 2″) and can not only handle the physical part but also the good humored side of Tommy. A lot of people forget the humor of the book.

tommymonaghan eddiecahill

Natt was probably the easiest because it seems like the part was made for Craig Robinson, Darryl from The Office. As with Cahill, Robinson has the physical presence and dry humor to pull off the character.

natt craig-robinson

Ringo Chen was a little more difficult, because while the character is Chinese, the first person who came to mind was Daniel Dae Kim, a Korean born actor who currently stars on the TV show ‘Lost’. Unfortunately most Asian actors in Hollywood have to play characters who aren’t of their national origin.

ringochen danieldaekim

Deborah Tiegel is a tough woman who can kick some ass. Since that describes a lot of black female actors working today (when they aren’t being angry and/or sassy), Kimberly Hawthorne, who played Theo on the Showtime series ‘Jeremiah’ was one of the first women who came to my mind.

deborahtiegel kimberlyhawthorne

For Six Pack I was thinking Alan Blumenfeld, who played Parkman’s father on Heroes. He has a sad sack quality about him, but at the same time I can see him straighten his back and go do what needs to be done.

sixpack alanblumenfeld

And finally, the part of Hacken would have to go to Matt Wiese. Matt is a former WWE wrestler who went by the name Luther Reigns and currently goes by Horshu on the indy circuit. He is big enough and can act crazy enough to be Hacken, plus he is a bit taller than Cahill and Robinson.

hacken matt_wiese

If you were casting the Hitman movie, who would you choose for what part? And if you want to add any of the other characters, go right ahead because thinking of actors to play the various mob guys or Section Eight is a little much. Also, do you include characters like Batman, Catwoman, The Joker, The Demon, Green Lantern or Superman?

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