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Really Cool Cover

As most of the long time listeners of Comic Book Noise know, I’m not a fan of the artwork of Humberto Ramos. However, I will admit when I see a really cool cover by someone I’m not a fan of. That said, ladies and gentlemen, the cover to Deadpool Team-Up 897 is pretty damn cool looking.

Ramos’ anatomical exaggerations work perfectly with the otherworldliness of the two Ghost Riders. Deadpool’s pointy chin and oversized feet look like they fit in as well. I’m not sure where they are heading or what they are doing, but this cover makes me interested in finding out. Almost interested enough in actually reading a Deadpool story, but not quite. My only question is, if Blaze and Ketch are on motorcycles, does Deadpool really intend on jumping up and down until the three of them get to where they need to be?

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An Odd But Sad Coincidence

Two of the recent comic books that I bought were Mark Hazzard: Merc #1 and PowerLine #7. They both had artwork by Gray Morrow. I always liked his artwork because I tend to gravitate towards more realistic art styles. I am also a big fan of people like Alex Raymond, Alex Toth, Gil Kane, Steve Rude, Adam Hughes, Mike Deodato and Stuart Immonen’s early work. They all have a sense of the fantastic to them, but the basic figures are more realistic than someone like Kelley Jones, Keith Giffen’s later work or Humberto Ramos. (This is not an indictment of their work because I know for a fact that I could NEVER do what they do. I just however happen to prefer a different style.)

After I realized that I knew next to nothing about Gray Morrow, I decided to find out what he had been up to recently. Trying to find out whatever happened to creators who are no longer working on mainstream books on a regular basis is a crapshoot. For every Mindy Newell (who left comics to become a full time nurse) or Steve Bissette (who teaches at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont), there is a sadder story like John Totleben (who is legally blind due to a condition called retinitis pigmentosa) or Gray Morrow.

Gray Morrow was despondent over a long running illness and took his own life on November 6, 2001. According to Wikipedia, the illness was some form of palsy but it is the only place with that detail, so I am taking it with a grain of salt. To make matters worse, his website became defunct and is now one of those link/placeholder sites that scumbags put up when they want to be scumbags.

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11 O’Clock Comics Episode 19 appearance

Chris Marshall (from the Collected Comics Library) and I appeared on the nineteenth episode of 11 O’Clock Comics with Vince B, Christopher Neseman (also from Around Comics), David A Price (also from Marvel Noise and Mage:The Hero Discussed). It was cool hanging out with the A List comic book podcasters, even though I probably came off as an asshole a couple of times.

Anyway, here are the shownotes and links:
Sitting in for a vacationing Jason Wood, Derek (Comic Book Noise) Coward and Chris (Collected Comics Library) Marshall help us talk about Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D, Humberto Ramos, Lucha Libre, collecting Final Crisis, DC/Wildstorm: Dream War, Jason Aaron’s Ghost Rider, Marvel’s X-books, Punisher Max, Library Binding, the Monster Times, First Flight of the Phantom Eagle, Chuck Austin’s War Machine, the Luna Brothers’ Sword and Girls, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Comic Book Comics from Evil Twin Comics, Glamourpuss, Give Me Liberty, more Final Crisis, Tim Sale, and a whole mess more. Plus! Listener email and a trio of calls to the 11 O’C Hotline!

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Marvel Noise Episode 47

Summer’s not over, so it’s more bare-bones goodness. Our host is in and out – toot sweet – and is followed by Pat Loika, who brings us the new releases and current events; Backwards Dave and Bring ’em Back, Mike and the Mighty Marvel Movie Minute, Adam and the latest Marvel Unbound, and Chris Chavez wraps things up with another hijacked Marvel Tales. What a crew. All this and some lame-ass fashion critique for Dallan.

Titles discussed include Amazing Spider-Man, Runaways, Avengers: The Initiative, Ghost Rider, Daredevil, and Wolverine: First Class.

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Product Updates:

  • Ghost Rider Annual #2: Mercy (JUN082331D, $3.99) will contain a previously unsolicited reprint of 1979’s Ghost Rider #35.
  • The Logan Regular & B&W HCs (JUN082418-9D, $19.99ea.; FOC both 07/10/08) will have 112 pages, not 104.
  • Marvel Adventures: Avengers #27 (JUN082340D, $2.99; FOC 07/31/08) will be written by Paul Tobin as well as Jeff Parker and have art by Jacopo Camagni as well as Ig Guara.
  • New Avengers #44 (SI) (JUN082351D, $2.99; FOC 08/07/08) was originally solicited with the wrong cover.
  • Secret Invasion: Spider-Man-Brand New Day (#1: JUN082356D, FOC 08/07/08; #2: JUL082313D, FOC 09/04/08; $2.99 ea.) has been retitled Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #1 & #2.
  • The X-Force #6 Bloody Variant solicited on page 68 of the June 2008 Marvel Previews is a 50/50 Cover and not a separately solicited and ordered cover variant of the main book (JUN082389D, $2.99; FOC 08/07/08).
  • Ultimate Iron Man II #5 (MAR082153D, $2.99; FOC 05/1/08) will be rated Parental Advisory, not the originally solicited T+.
  • The X-Men TP Vol. 03: Onslaught-The Complete Epic (JUN082444D, $29.99; FOC 07/24/08) will contain X-Men #55, Uncanny X-Men #336, Cable #35, X-Force #58, and Thor #502, in addition to the originally solicited X-Man #19, Incredible Hulk #445, Iron Man #332, Avengers #402, and Wolverine #105. Punisher #11, Amazing Spider-Man #415, Green Goblin #12, Spider-Man #72 and Fantastic Four #416 will no longer be included in the collection.
  • The Young Inhumans TP (JUN082437D, $24.99) will have 272 pages, not 288 pages.

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Another update on Bluewater Comics

The Mainstay Studios link works now and the site is actually pretty nice. However, it has sounds; so beware.

bluewatercomics.com is still misconfigured. The bluewaterprod.com site has been updated, but the link that says New Website Soon, links to a completely different news story. At least they are aware of the problem. Baby steps.

On the subject of the actual comics themselves, I read Venus and Wrath of The Titans.

I liked Venus, but the artwork really wasn’t for me. If you like Humberto Ramos, then you will like it. The cover is not indicative of the interiors. Apparently, Venus is a spinoff of The 10th Muse, which is a title that I have heard of, but haven’t read. There was some wonkiness with the way the dialog is portrayed during the big battle. Instead of different colored word balloons, they switched to different colored caption boxes. It got a little confusing at times because I am used to dialog caption boxes being used for inner monologue and not “spoken” words.

Wrath of The Titans is apparently a sequel to the movie Clash of The Titans, which I saw so long ago that I don’t remember anything about it. The cover artist does the interior art, but he uses a different style. The cover is like unfinished pencils, but the insides look almost like painted animation.

Both books are worth checking out. If you like good old fashioned superhero storytelling, then get Venus. If you like representations of Greek myths, then check out Wrath of The Titans. I doubt if you would be disappointed with either. Just don’t go to the website for more information on either title.

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