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Teenage Wasteland Episode 65 – InvinciAlec Returns!

This week on Teenage Wasteland…

If you know your history, then you understand that I was a hardcore Invincible fan at one point in time. So, how does the book hold up when I return to reading after a ten issue hiatus? Have my thoughts changed?! Also, some opinions on DC Entertainment, a congrats to iFanboy, comic reviews and Jeff Sandquist stops by to share his thoughts on Mesmo Delivery (which I now want to read). Enjoy!

Books Discussed
Nexus: The Origin
Invincible #70
Hate #5 and 6
Spider-woman #5 and 6

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Comic Book Noise 176: Single Host Podcasts and iFanboy Membership

Host Derek Coward talks about his preferred style of comic book podcasting, the so called controversy surrounding the iFanboy podcast and why he will never appear on a roundtable comic book podcast again.

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Comic Book Podcast Show – 5/3/2009 to 5/9/2009

Host Derek Coward features clips from:

The Dish
Comic News Insider
Wrapped In Plastic
11 O’Clock Comics
Geektress Podcast
iFanboy.com Pick Of The Week
DC Noise

Thanks to Ed Moore and Ian Levenstein for their help with the Comic Book Podcast Wiki.
Theme Song – Baby, You Have No Eyes by The Kazoo Funk Orchestra.

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Comic Book Noise 158: What I Am

Host Derek Coward clearly defines what he is and how that sets him apart from other comics readers and other people with comic book shows. If you listen really closely, there is also a review of the Family Matter graphic by Will Eisner.

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Comic Book Noise 131: Manifestos, Debates and Admissions of Error

I talk about some recent controversies surrounding opposing manifestos, debates about creators and critics and I admit that I was wrong about something pretty big.

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