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Indie Comic Book Noise 315: The Never Ending Episode

Host Derek Coward almost stops the episode a couple of times but eventually talks about Madame Xanadu 25, CBGB 1, 28 Days Later 13 and Incorruptible 8.

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What I Got for Cinco de Mayo 2010

Pluto Vol 2 (Viz Media) – I still have a review to do of the first one. Will I like it or will I have bought the second one because the first one left a bad taste in my eyeballs? Stay tuned to find out.

Incorruptible 5 (BOOM! Studios) – I will probably buy everything I can get from the Irredeemable-verse or whatever it is called.

Irredeemable 13 (BOOM! Studios) – This is why I will probably buy everything I can get from the Irredeemable-verse or whatever it is called.

Codebreakers 2 (BOOM! Studios) – I really liked the first issue. Thanks for the recommendation John.

Buck Rogers 11 (Dynamite Entertainment) – I hate the fact this title is ending with the next issue.

28 Days Later 10 (BOOM! Studios) – I think I may like the comic book more than I liked the original movie (and definitely more than the second movie).

The Great Ten 7 (DC Comics) – Despite the false advertising of the cover (which says 7 of 10), this mini will only be going nine issues. I blame everyone who is reading this post, but didn’t buy the book. You are horrible terrible people, but thanks for visiting the site. (And realize that I am bitter, but I still love you all).

iZombie 1 (Vertigo) – This better be good or else I will blame Vince B.

Superman: War of the Supermen 1 (DC Comics) – I don’t know why I want to get this, but I think it will be a real hoot. I just get the bad feeling that I will be picking up a lot of Superman/Action Comics trades in my near future.

Pilot Season: Stealth (Top Cow) – I liked the first couple of Kirkman Pilot Season issues and I liked the Velocity issue from last year. I seriously doubt if I will dislike this one.

Wow, no Marvel Comics this week.

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Indie Comic Book Noise 304: Atomic Robo, The Perhapanauts, The Darkness, Age of Bronze and Incorruptible

Host Derek Coward returns to give his opinion on:

Atomic Robo: Revenge of The Vampire Dimension 1 (of 4)
Todd and Craig’s The Perhapanauts Special: Molly’s Story
The Darkness: Accursed Vol 1 and 2
Age of Bronze 29
Incorruptible 3

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What I Got – 2/17/2010

Cover of "Irredeemable: Volume 1"

Cover of Irredeemable: Volume 1

I haven’t had a chance to sit down and read anything yet, but here is what I picked up from the LCS this week.

Irredeemable Vol 1 TPB (BOOM! Studios) – I was trying to find the first four issues but since I couldn’t I decided to break down and buy the trade. Yes, I jumped on to a new series at issue 5 and I am hooked. There’s something to be said for the power of strong storytelling.

Dark Avengers 14 (Marvel Comics) – My shop was sold out of Siege 2 and Siege Embedded 2. I had told Brian not to add them to my pull list until I read the first issue of both, just in case I didn’t like them. I read them, liked them and then promptly forgot to add them to my pull list. He told me what happened in Siege 2 and recommended that I grab this week’s Dark Avengers.

What If Daredevil Vs Elektra? (Marvel Comics) – This looks like it set around the time of the original Elektra storyline, one of the greatest runs in all of comics in my opinion, so I decided to take a chance on it. The artwork is done by Rafael Kayanan, which is a name I haven’t heard of in years. The last time I remember seeing Kayanan’s work was in a Firestorm annual.

Daredevil 505 (Marvel Comics) – This is on my pull list.

Magog 6 (DC Comics) – This is on my pull list.

Question 37 (DC Comics) – I was going to actively avoid this book because it is a Blackest Night crossover, but Mike Myers and a few others have said I should pick it up because I loved the original Question series.

Daytripper 3 (Vertigo) – I loved the first issue, but forgot to have this series added to my pull list, so I missed the second issue. Luckily, Brian added it so I won’t miss any more issues.

Age of Bronze 29 (Image) – This should be on my pull list, but wasn’t. I have to re-add it. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Eric Shanower’s work?

Todd and Craig’s Perhapanauts Special: Molly’s Story (Image) – This is on my pull list.

Atomic Robo: Revenge of the Vampire Dimension (Red 5 Comics) – This is on my pull list, but I have already read the review copy supplied by Red 5. I will be reviewing this in great detail on the next Indie Comic Book Noise episode.

Incorruptible 3 (BOOM! Studios) – This is on my pull list.

NOTE OF DISCLOSURE: All of the links for the Irredeemable trade are to Amazon, so if you buy using this link (or if you buy anything else after going to the site from that link), a portion of what you buy will go to the site. I don’t know if you care about that kind of stuff or not, but I thought I would tell you anyway.

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Indie Comic Book Noise 302: The Factor, Irredeemable, Incorruptible and Murderer

Host Derek Coward talks about The Factor from a publisher he can’t remember, Irredeemable and Incorruptible from BOOM! Studios and Pilot Season: Murderer from Top Cow.

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Geek Brunch Episode 101: A Huge Brunching Announcement

Join Mike, Micah, Bill and Jay (Modern Lover) as they discuss a boat load of comic books like Blackest Night, Justice League of America, Hellblazer, Secret Six, Beasts of Burden, Milk and Cheese, Johnny DC, Comics for Kids, Azrael, Black Panther, The Incredibles, Batman Books, Sweet Tooth, Incorruptible, Orc Stain, Forgetless, Darkness/Pitt, Sweet Tooth, Sword, New Jersey Gods, Project Superpowers, Wonder Woman, Buck Rogers, The Goon, Archie and much much more. We also discuss tons of TV like The L-Word, Zena, The Prisoner, Dr. Who, Pawn Stars, Lost, Oz, Batman The Brave and The Bold, Star Wars Clone Wars, Freakazoid, The Human Target, Looking for the Next Iron Chef, Durham County. Movies include Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, Daybreakers, Princess and the Frog, Invictus, Twilight, Star Trek The Undiscovered Country, Observe and Report, and more……Plus some food over the holidays and an announcement. Enjoy the marathon of an episode.

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