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Comic Book Noise 521: Manga and Anime and Live Action Movies

Host Derek Coward talks about Lone Wolf and Cub, then goes on to Robotech, Kimba the White Lion, Battle of the Planets, Kamui, Shamo, and even The Incredible Hulk, Goku, and Pre-Crisis Earth 1 Superman.

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Comic Book Noise 347: Meaningless Conjecture and Irresponsible Speculation about Green Lantern TV, Agents of SHIELD, Marvel Unlimited Network

Host Derek Coward returns with meaningless conjecture and irresponsible speculation about a possible Green Lantern TV show, possible new characters on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, and a Marvel Unlimited Network. NONE of these things are going to happen as far as he knows.

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2 People Talking 75: Derek Loves Eating Vicariously Through Others

Hosts Derek Coward and Angela talk about pictures in the wild, new comics, Madame Xanadu, Homicide: A Year On The Killing Streets (not Fields), Treme, Incredible Hulk scans, Avengers comic books, Daytripper trades vs issues, how to hack a bag sale, new schools and birthday parties, TV shows, Louis CK, Veronica Mars vs Buffy and breakfast recommendations.

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The Incredible Hulkcast Episode 5

Sound issues last month and Skype trouble this month can’t keep the boys from bringing you the latest Hulk news and reviews. Ryan and Luke review Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk #1, Incredible Hulk #607, Hulk #20, and Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk #2. And because you asked (or because they felt like it), they also tell you who they each think are the top five Hulk artists of all time. Enjoy the show? Drop us an e-mail, a Twitter, or visit our forums!

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Incredible Hulkcast Episode 4

It’s a new month and Ryan and Luke are back with more gamma-irradiated goodness. They give their review of the Planet Hulk DVD, then cover Incredible Hulk 606, Hulk 19, and Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk #1, finishing things off with the Hulk Visionaries: Peter David vol. 7 TPB. Like what you hear? Drop us an email or visit our forums!

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The Marvel Bronze Age Episode 4 – Perverted Laugh

Lots of firsts in this one folks. We have our first acknowledged studio audience, our first official interlude and our first recording interruption with the Ringtone of the Show.

0:00:00 Music Intro
0:00:40 Welcome
0:00:51 Perverted Laugh
0:01:38 Introductions
0:02:10 For the Good of the Show
0:05:07 The Teri Herald
0:06:00 Homer the Happy Ghost (+ -)
0:19:23 Ringtone of the Show
0:29:18 Incredible Hulk v1 123 (+ +)
0:29:18 Purple Pants discussion
0:30:17 Hulk review
0:48:37 PSA
0:50:08 Iron Man v1 21 (+ +)
0:58:07 Interlude
1:00:12 Resume Podcast
1:06:16 Recap
1:06:23 Looking Ahead
1:08:44 Closing
1:12:29 Thanks
1:13:02 Remarks
1:14:00 Outro Music
1:14:45 Fini

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Geek Brunch Episode 97 – Geek Brunch Causes a Divorce

Host Mike Myers is joined by Angie (acomicbookgirl), Luke (luke), and Keith (vorpelkeith) to discuss Buffalo Wild Wings, Chinese Food, and Turkey Sandwiches. We also discuss the Bristol Con and Big Apple Con. Lots of comic talk with the Death of Captain America, Deadpool, Daredevil, Power Man and Iron Fist, Incredible Hulk, The Anchor, Jon Sable, Wolverine, The X-men, Short-Stack Tales of the Super-Human Plumber, Haunt, Spider-Woman (comic vs. motion comic), Judge Dredd, Marvel Noir, Smoke and Mirrors, Queen and Country, The Stuff of Legend and much much more. Lots of TV talk with Psych, Monk, Always Sunny In Philadelphia, White Collar, Glee, Dollhouse, Venture Bros, Community and Wilford Brimley. Some more horror movies Naked Fear, Family, Pick Me up, 100ft, Phantasm, The Wicker Man, I Sell The Dead, I Married a Monster From Outer Space, Dark Floors. Even a comedy Couples Retreat. Join us for a marathon of discussion.

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Teenage Wasteland Episode 47 – Comic Book & Movie Talk

This one is old school, ladies & gents. This week I say adios to the Question of the Week (for reasons which are explained) as I lay down the comic book talk with a great movie mixed in. Check it!
Items Discussed
The Brothers Bloom
Batman #’s 688 – 691
Batman & Robin #5
The Incredible Hulk #’s 215-232
Nomad: Girl Without a World #1
Savage Dragon #152

Music Featured is by God Lives Underwater & Glassjaw

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