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Teenage Wasteland Episode 54 – Alex Grecian of Proof

Yep, that title is no mistake. In this edition of TW, I have the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Alex Grecian (Co-Creater/Writer of Proof) about his writing process, his comic book career and all things Proof. It was an experience getting to talk to him, and as you can imagine I am very excited about this one. Do. Not. Miss.


Music featured is by The Rantings of Eva.


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My latest purchase revealed

My mystery comic book finally arrived today from the Amazon Marketplace. Since I have it in my possession and I don’t have to worry about people rushing out to buy it (and therefore driving up the price for me to get it), I can finally make the big reveal.

It is JLA: Secret Origins by Paul Dini and Alex Ross, the only one of their oversized books that I didn’t own.


I haven’t read it thoroughly yet, but I like what I have seen by just thumbing through it. It appears to be a collection of two page retellings of the origins stories of the Justice League of America (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Arrow (with Black Canary, but her origin wasn’t told.),  Captain Marvel (the real one, you know “Shazam!”), Hawkman (and Hawkgirl, whose origin has always been intrinsically tied to her husband’s), Atom, Plastic Man,  Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

Since I cut my teeth on DC Comics way back when, there  is nothing in here that I didn’t already know but it never looked like this.  There is also a retelling of the Justice League of America themselves, which is restricted to one paragraph. The real treat on the JLA spread is Adam Strange, Zatanna, Metamorpho, The Elongated Man, Phantom Stranger and Red Tornado each getting the Alex Ross treatment for a panel.

After the story, there is an interview with Dini and Ross that includes a lot of sketches and a painting of the Big Seven, which is beautiful and I wish I had a poster of it.

Now my Dini/Ross oversized collection is complete and I can start getting some of the other books that I saw on TreasuryComics.com. This could take a while and get expensive. Luckily for me, I’m not as obsessive about such things as I once was.

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‘Reality Break’ interviews Will Eisner

If you have been listening to Evil Genius Chronicles for the past few months, then you know that Dave Slusher has been talking about his Super Secret Project X.  Well, he has finally revealed it to the rest of the world.  He is bringing back his show ‘Reality Break’ and the first episode is an interview that he did in 1998 with the legendary Will Eisner.

Check it out.

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Comics Playground 10: Gnome Sweet Gnome

This episode features a review of the "Gnome" OGN and a conversation with creator Dave Dwonch. Also, Ryan discusses his experience at the "Jeff Smith: Bone and Beyond" exhibit and we have a couple of Independent Reading reviews. If nothing else, listen just to hear Dave Dwonch on his best behavior. It may be a once in a lifetime opportunity!
Download Here

Gnome spoiler segment time stamps:
Starts – 29:43
Ends – 55:19

Gnome Cover

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Comic Book Noise Family Get Together 2: Tom Beland Part One

An interview with Tom Beland, creator of True Story Swear To God. 45 minutes.

Download Here

Tom Beland’s official site
The K Chronicles

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