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Comic Book Noise 459: Earth-2, Fantastic Four, and Aquaman

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about a few comic books he has recently read, including his last issue of Earth-2, Fantastic Four 643, Fantastic Four Annual 1, and Aquaman 39.

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Comic Book Noise 364: Dog Days of Podcasting: Marvel Female Character Most Worthy of Respect

Host Derek Coward returns to answer the seemingly simple question “Ms./Captain Marvel, Storm, and Black Widow: These are the first names that get mentioned whenever the topic of Marvel females comes up. What Marvel female do you think deserves as much respect?” but as we know nothing is ever that simple.

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Comic Book Noise 254: Exit Strategies

Host Derek Coward talks about his exit strategy for not reading comic books anymore, mentions packaging for comic books received in the mail, and briefly talks about Shaman Warrior and Wolverine Enemy of The State.

Wolverine Enemy of the State

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