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Comic Book Noise 444: Spider-Man In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Host Derek Coward talks about The Flash TV show and the news that Spider-Man will be appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the characters he would like to see in Marvel’s version of Wednesday Comics, if Marvel ever did a version of Wednesday Comics.

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Host Derek Coward returns to talk about how to proceed with the Black Panther movies, and the shortsightedness of certain comic book fans.

Comic Book Noise 347: Meaningless Conjecture and Irresponsible Speculation about Green Lantern TV, Agents of SHIELD, Marvel Unlimited Network

Host Derek Coward returns with meaningless conjecture and irresponsible speculation about a possible Green Lantern TV show, possible new characters on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, and a Marvel Unlimited Network. NONE of these things are going to happen as far as he knows.

Comic Book Noise 334: Freshman Blues

Host Derek Coward talks about a hellish daydream he had, and some of the comic books with the cover date of December 1981.

Comic Book Noise 328: Comic Book Origin Stories In Other Media

Host Derek Coward talks about the X-Men and their lack of a need of an origin story on TV and movies.


Comic Book Noise 315: Marvel’s Deal With Netflix

Host Derek Coward talks about Marvel’s deal with Netflix to develop four news series leading to a miniseries event and how that is part of Marvel’s cinematic strategy. He also gives an update on his offer for a new Comic Book Podcast Show.

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Comic Book Noise 297: Feedback Episode

Host Derek Coward returns with audio feedback help from John Grigas from the Doughnuts and Top Cow podcast, Dave Slusher from the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, and Bruce Rosenberger from the Komicskast podcast, to talk about comic book universe reboots and attempt to answer the question “What if there were no Crisis On Infinite Earths?”

Comic Book Noise Episode 317: Thor Everything Burns

Host Derek Coward talks about his history with The Mighty Thor and the trade Everything Burns.

Why Is Steve Rogers A Bully?

I was reading Invincible Iron Man #172, which happened during the Demon In A Bottle/Iron Man Rhodey phase, when I came across this bit of Bully Rogers living up to his name.

Bully Rogers
Bully Rogers

At this time Tony Stark is drinking on a dirty mattress in the poor part of town. The last thing he needs is Steve Rogers (in full costume) walking in and knocking the bottle out of his hand. When faced with a steroid rage bully with an indestructible shield that he uses as a weapon on a regular basis, Tony just wants to be left alone to drink.

Bully Rogers
Bully Rogers throws his father under the bus.

As pitiful as Tony is at this moment, Rogers turns around and walks out of the room (after spilling the man’s booze). Before he leaves, Rogers casually throws out there that his father was an alcoholic. However, Rogers’ father died when he was a child. So Rogers made it up to make a broken man feel even worse or he took time out to admit his father was a criminal who was an alcoholic during Prohibition. Either way, Steve Rogers proved in that one panel that he was a scumbag on top of being a bully.

This story happened back in 1983, so I have to wonder how long as Steve Rogers been a bully. I will keep reading older comics and each time I come across Bully Rogers, I will be sure to share it.

BTW: The villain Firebrand was also in that Skid Row flophouse without his costume on. When he saw Captain America stroll in there, he assumed the jackass was looking for him, so he suited up and set fire to a bunch of stuff. None of which would have happened if it wasn’t for a Bully on the Stroll.