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Quick Hit Review: Orc Stain #2

Written, Drawn and Colored By: James Stokoe
Lettered By: Unlisted
Publisher: Image Comics

If the fantastical world, title or insanity of the artwork has not gathered enough attention; then, let me add that there is some actual subtext in development within the pages of Orc Stain.

With this second issue Orcs are no longer just a high concept but more of a metaphor – a metaphor for humanity and the typical male persona. We live in a world that prides itself on the ideals of the “macho-man”. The guy who can bench-press two hundred and twenty-five pounds and bong plenty of beer is the one who seems to rule the social atmosphere, and that is what Stokoe finds interesting to comment on. His commentary is not positive but more cynical. The character of PointyFace is a slime ball who prides himself on his ego and his loud attitude, and Stokoe uses that to show the reader that this “ideal” male persona…it is not such a great idea to be. It is more savage than anything. Just like the Orc is a savage creature.

Stokoe also begins to explore in this issue the idea that society will only accept the “ideal” male. You see, execution in this world is not death (in a literal sense) but (for lack of a better word) being neutered (when falsely accused, our hero One Eye is sent to the chopping block to have his “gronch” taken away). A man having his manhood taken from him is a worse punishment than death itself because a dude without his dick does not meet the standards of the “ideal” man. With this event in the book, and the extreme circumstances it is under, Stokoe is commenting on the fact that too many men, and society in general, focus a bit too much on that aspect of the body. In the world of Orc Stain, an Orcs’ “gronch” seems to be his soul, and without one, an Orc may as well be dead. I think that idea probably holds true in our world as well. How many times have we all joked with our friends and said, “Oh, dude, if I lost my dick, I’d kill myself!” Again, Stokoe wants us to see the oddity of this mindset: the idea that our entire person is in our dick, in our manhood.

The artwork is simply a beautiful work of cartooning. Imagination has run wild on these pages. Nuff’ said.

I truly loved this issue – pure imagination and a bit of depth. People, you must find this title and read it.
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Teenage Wasteland Episode 63 – What’s Up With Ethan Van Sciver?

This week on Teenage Wasteland…

Ethan Van Sciver had a lot to say on his recent Word Balloon interview. Health issues and the lateness of Flash: Rebirth seemed to grab the most attention, but there was something else that he said that really stuck out to me. Also, a few quick reviews and another installment of The Sandbox!

Books Discussed
Filthy Rich
The Leading Man #1-5
Orc Stain #1


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