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Comic Book Noise 703: Aquaman

Host Derek Coward talks about the New 52 volume of Aquaman, his optimism about how DC Rebirth will treat the character, then goes on a brief tangent on Iron Man. All while nursing a slight hangover.

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Comic Book Noise 459: Earth-2, Fantastic Four, and Aquaman

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about a few comic books he has recently read, including his last issue of Earth-2, Fantastic Four 643, Fantastic Four Annual 1, and Aquaman 39.

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Comic Book Noise 408: Aquaman 36 and Fantastic Four 13

Host Derek Coward apologizes for the sound of a recent episode, then talks about Aquaman 36 and Fantastic Four 13.

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What I Got – 04/28/2010

Spell Checkers GN (Oni Press) – I ordered this after seeing Joelle Jones’ artwork on Madame Xanadu. Or to be more precise, I ordered this after seeing the second issue of Joelle Jones’ artwork on Madame Xanadu. I was a bit ticked off because it wasn’t Amy Reeder Hadley doing the artwork on that first issue and my view of the artwork was admittedly biased against her. When the second issue came around I was able to appreciate it for what it was, pretty damn good. Add on top of that, I have never heard anything but good things about the writing of Jamie S Rich, so this was pretty much a no brainer for me. I am looking forward to reading it and I will definitely be talking about it on a future episode of Indie Comic Book Noise.

Codebreakers #1 (BOOM! Studios) – I was leaning towards picking this up based on the preview pages in the back of Irredeemable and Incorruptable, but the recent review done by JM Campbell cinched the deal for me.

Fantastic Four 578 (Marvel) – Last week I dropped Daredevil to go to trades. That leaves Fantastic Four as the only Marvel title I currently have on my pull list.

Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #3 (Dynamite Entertainment) – I am getting all of the Green Hornet books and so far they have all delivered.

Madame Xanadu #22 (Vertigo) – Amy Reeder Hadley is back for a few issues, so I am going to savor it while I can. I think I heard she may be leaving the title altogether. That sucks but I am ready to follow her to her next assignment.

Stumptown #3 (Oni Press) – I don’t know if this is a mini or an ongoing and I really don’t care, it is Greg Rucka writing a kick ass female detective.

Philip K Dick’s Electric Ant #1 (Marvel) – I am enjoying what BOOM! is doing with Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep (a story I am nominally familiar with) so I am curious to see what Marvel can do with a PKD story I have never heard of.

Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk 4 of 4 (Marvel) – I picked this off the rack like I have done with every other Hulk related book I have gotten since World War Hulk. I am enjoying this miniseries so far and I doubt if Jeff Parker will let me down now.

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Quick Review of Fall of The Hulks: Red Hulk 2

When I finished reading this issue, it occured to me that Jeff Parker’s style reminds me a lot of Geoff Johns when I first noticed him. Both guys make sense of what seems to be nonsensical. Geoff Johns made sense of Hawkman and Jeff Parker made sense of the whole Red Hulk saga to date (for me at least). I’m curious what will happen if Marvel gives him a bigger sandbox to play in.

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Marvel Noise Episode 94

We’re back with the new releases from Pat, the second part of Marvel: The End from Steve, and two calls from Carlos!  And the show ends with some comments on Agents of Atlas, Fantastic Four, Punisher, and Uncanny X-Men First Class.

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Items shipping October 7, 2009:

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #608 70th Anniversary Djurdjevic Variant Cover $2.99
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #608 Regular Adi Granov Cover $2.99
Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 #31 Incentive Phil Jimenez Sketch Cover – [PI]
Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 #31 Incentive Travis Charest Variant Cover – [PI]
Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 #31 Regular Phil Jimenez Cover $2.99
Black Panther Vol 5 #9 $2.99
Cable Vol 2 #19 $2.99
Captain America Theater War Ghosts Of My Country $3.99
Criminal The Sinners #1 $3.50
Daredevil Vol 2 #500 2nd Ptg Patrick Zircher Variant Cover $4.99
Daredevil Vol 2 #501 Incentive Tim Sale Variant Cover – [PI]
Daredevil Vol 2 #501 Regular Esad Ribic Cover $2.99
Dark Reign The List Part 4 Secret Warriors Incentive Frank Cho Hero Variant Cover -[PI]
Dark Reign The List Part 4 Secret Warriors Regular Ed McGuinness Cover $3.99
Dark Reign Zodiac #3 $3.99
Deadpool Vol 3 #14 2nd Ptg Shawn Crystal Variant Cover $2.99
Deadpool Vol 3 #16 $2.99
Doctor Voodoo Avenger Of The Supernatural #1 Incentive Billy Tan Variant Cover – [PI]
Doctor Voodoo Avenger Of The Supernatural #1 Regular Marko Djurdjevic Cover $3.99
Ghost Riders Heavens On Fire #3 $3.99
House Of M Masters Of Evil #3 $3.99
Hulk Vol 2 #14 2nd Ptg Ian Churchill Variant Cover $3.99
Iron Man & The Armor Wars #3 $2.99
Luke Cage Noir #3 Regular Tim Bradstreet Cover $3.99
Luke Cage Noir #3 Variant Dennis Calero Cover $3.99
Marvel Spotlight Deadpool $2.99
Marvel Zombies Return #1 2nd Ptg Arthur Suydam Variant Cover $3.99
Models Inc #2 Regular Scott Clark Cover $3.99
Models Inc #2 Variant Steve Kurth Tabloid Cover $3.99
Official Index To The Marvel Universe #10 $3.99
Spider-Man 1602 #1 $3.99
Starr The Slayer #2 $3.99
Strange Tales Vol 5 #1 2nd Ptg Paul Pope Variant Cover $4.99
Strange Tales Vol 5 #2 Regular Peter Bagge Green Hulk Cover $4.99
Strange Tales Vol 5 #2 Variant Peter Bagge Red Hulk Cover $4.99
Torch #2 $3.99
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3 $3.99
Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #2 Incentive Francesco Mattina Zombie Variant Cover – [PI]
Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #2 Regular Leinil Francis Yu Cover $2.99
X-Babies #1 Incentive Humberto Ramos Zombie Variant Cover -[PI]
X-Babies #1 Regular Skottie Young Cover $3.99
X-Babies #1 Variant Jacob Chabot Star Comic Cover $3.99
X-Men vs Agents Of Atlas #1 Incentive Gerald Parel Zombie Variant Cover – [PI]
X-Men vs Agents Of Atlas #1 Incentive Humberto Ramos Variant Cover – [PI]
X-Men vs Agents Of Atlas #1 Regular Ed McGuinness Cover $3.99

Product Updates:

  • Astonishing X-Men #31 Free Jimenez Sketch 1:100 Variant is now an Inked Jimenez Variant. This item does not have to be ordered and will be based on orders for the regular cover of Astonishing X-Men #31 (AUG090511D, $2.99; FOC 09/17/09).
  • Captain America: Theater of War — Ghosts of My Country (AUG090462D, $3.99) will have art by Elia Bonetti.
  • Doctor Voodoo, Avenger of the Supernatural #1 (AUG090463D; FOC 09/17/09) will be 40 pages and $3.99, not 32 pages and $2.99.
  • Ghost Riders: Heavens on Fire #3 (AUG090466D, $3.99; FOC 09/17/09) will be 40 pages, not 32 pages.
  • Vengeance of Moon Knight #2 Zombie Variant (AUG090506D, $2.99) will have a cover by Francesco Mattina.
  • X-Babies #1 and Zombie & Star Comic Chabot Variants (AUG090530-1D & JUL098321D, $3.99) will be 40 pages and will include a 17-page reprint of the X-Babies’ first appearance by Art Adams along with the solicited 22-page main story with no change in price. Additionally, the Zombie Variant cover will be by Humberto Ramos.
  • X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas #1 Variant (AUG090455D, $3.99) will have cover art by Humberto Ramos.

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