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Geek Brunch Episode 101: A Huge Brunching Announcement

Join Mike, Micah, Bill and Jay (Modern Lover) as they discuss a boat load of comic books like Blackest Night, Justice League of America, Hellblazer, Secret Six, Beasts of Burden, Milk and Cheese, Johnny DC, Comics for Kids, Azrael, Black Panther, The Incredibles, Batman Books, Sweet Tooth, Incorruptible, Orc Stain, Forgetless, Darkness/Pitt, Sweet Tooth, Sword, New Jersey Gods, Project Superpowers, Wonder Woman, Buck Rogers, The Goon, Archie and much much more. We also discuss tons of TV like The L-Word, Zena, The Prisoner, Dr. Who, Pawn Stars, Lost, Oz, Batman The Brave and The Bold, Star Wars Clone Wars, Freakazoid, The Human Target, Looking for the Next Iron Chef, Durham County. Movies include Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, Daybreakers, Princess and the Frog, Invictus, Twilight, Star Trek The Undiscovered Country, Observe and Report, and more……Plus some food over the holidays and an announcement. Enjoy the marathon of an episode.

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OK, I’m going to do it

I have been debating this for a long time and even though I have preached against it in the past, I have decided to get Stephen into reading comic books. He is almost five years old and I honestly think that I could have started him last year, but I can’t dwell on the past.

He is a smart kid with good comprehension skills and a very strong vocabulary for his age.

Now I just need to figure out what to start him with. Should I go with the stuff from the Johnny DC line or should I make him into another Scott Cederlund and just throw him into the deep end of the pool and pull out some of my old comics. Hmmm.

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